every nook and cranny

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every (old) nook and cranny

Every part or section of a given place, especially those that are hard to see or reach. Every nook or cranny of this house needs to be clean when Grandma comes to visit. There are so many books in the library that you can find all sorts of interesting things in every old nook or cranny there.
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every nook and cranny

Fig. every small, out-of-the-way place or places where something can be hidden. We looked for the tickets in every nook and cranny. They were lost. There was no doubt. The decorator had placed flowers in every nook and cranny.
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every nook and cranny

every part or aspect of something.
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(in) every ˌnook and ˈcranny

(informal) everywhere; (in) all parts of a place: I’ve looked in every nook and cranny but I can’t find it.She knows every nook and cranny of the city, so she’s the perfect guide.
A nook is a small hidden place and a cranny is a small hole. Both are old-fashioned words.
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nook and cranny, every

Every place, all over. This expression combines nook, which has meant an out-of-the-way corner since the fourteenth century, and cranny, meaning a crack or crevice since the fifteenth century. Frederick Marryat used it in Japhet in Search of a Father (1836): “After examining every nook and cranny they could think of.”
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She said: "I got measured in this pod so the doll is exactly to scale - every nook and cranny. They showed me my bald head before it was painted on and it was me!
We meet Paul Evans and his wife, Jane, at their home in Forge, near Machynlleth, and architect Meredudd ab Iestyn will be showing us every nook and cranny of his uniquely contemporary home in Caernarfon.
He said: "I searched for 10 days in every nook and cranny but saw no sign of him.
The group's members met in a communal house for artists, musicians, and designers who defected from many countries and "difficult situations." Dubbing their tiki-decorated lair Gentle Central, Dimensional and his straight cohorts hosted quirky theme parties with titles such as "Dougee's Harem." By the time the band recorded its debut album, 1997's Soundtracks for Living, the retro way had permeated every nook and cranny of the group's existence--before Austin Powers was so groovy, Dimensional notes.
In a recently completed 3-year, $6.5 million study, scientists have examined the health of almost every nook and cranny of California's Sierra Nevada and declared the 400-mile-long mountain ecosystem in need of physical therapy.
Moinian, who leads the "Mazal Group LLC," is delighted with his purchase, which came about after conducting extensive due diligence that included poking into every nook and cranny himself.
'I am going to every nook and cranny of the country with my party manifesto.'
He said a healthy child was essential for a healthy society and this message should be conveyed in every nook and cranny of the district.
In this week's issue of Essentials, furniture and fixture store Restoration, located at the Power Plant Mall, provides a list of its 'must haves' that would surely give every nook and cranny of your home or unit a touch of elegance and a polished look, without having to sacrifice on comfort.
Volunteers will spend the night creeping around the hall, exploring its every nook and cranny with the help of paranormal investigators and ghost hunting equipment.
EVERY nook and cranny of Durham Cathedral will be explored as part of a VIP tour.
Opeth's heady mix of death/prog deserved to be heard by a wider audience and the crowd was entranced as the Swede's ethereal music filled every nook and cranny of the Academy.
Sand finds its way into every nook and cranny of your bird.
CHILDREN and adults will be rummaging around every nook and cranny in a Nuneaton park next week in the hunt for sweet rewards.
Her ego - ``people come out of every nook and cranny to kiss me'' - is in exact proportion to her pendulous breasts which America's Howard Stern apparently said deserved to have a show of their own.