every man jack of us/them

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every man jack of us/them

dated Everyone in a particular group. The phrase is not only used exclusively in reference to men. I don't know how many people live in this city, but every man jack of them was riding the subway with me this morning!
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every man Jack

each and every person. informal
Jack is a pet name form of the forename John. It was sometimes used in informal American speech as a form of address to a man whose name you did not know, and as a generic name for any ordinary or working- class man.
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every man Jack/mother's son

Everyone without exception. The first term has been traced to Dickens’s Barnaby Rudge (1841) and has remained largely British. The second is considerably older, appearing in the Middle English legend of Kyng Alisaunder (ca. 1300)—“Mekely ilka modir sound”—as well as in Sir Thomas Malory’s Morte d’Arthur (1485) and Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1596)—“That would hang us, every mother’s son.” It was surely a cliché by the time Gilbert and Sullivan had the Dragoons sing, “The soldiers of our Queen are linked in friendly tether, Upon the battle scene they fight the foe together, There every mother’s son prepared to fight and fall is; the enemy of one the enemy of all is” (Patience, 1881). Also see every Tom, Dick, and Harry.
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"Of course you would; but suppose you killed every man Jack of us, those whom we should have killed would not, for all that, be less dead."
Everton have surprised every man jack of us and I include their own supporters in that statement.
Plant manager Brian Macconachie, who yesterday afternoon had a meeting with the works forum, told the Daily Post: ``It is a sad time for everyone here, every man jack of us.''
was with the Western Mail & Echo cricket team after an evening 20-over thrash, watching the drama unfold on the television in the pavilion bar and every man Jack of us was roaring Elias on as if it was the Olympics, World Championships and Universe Open all rolled into one.
We would, every man Jack of us, settle for health and not money but, after all, miners are a special breed.
If England are to win the Ashes - and every man jack of us is right behind them - then they have to discover how to nullify the menace of Warne.
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