every man/everyone has his price

every man has his price

proverb Enough money can sway anyone to do anything. The phrase is not only used to apply to men. Don't be discouraged—every man has his price, so we'll get him to help us eventually.
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everyone has their price

Anyone can be convinced to do something for the right amount of money. Come on now, everyone has their price—slip the guy a twenty and I'm sure he'll let you into the club.
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every man/everyone has his price

No one is immune to bribery or corruption. This expression has been traced to a speech given by Sir Robert Walpole in 1734, as reported in William Coxe’s Memoirs of the British statesman (1798). Walpole was castigating corrupt members of Parliament, whom he called pretended patriots and said, “All those men have their price.” However, another source printed in 1734 refers to the same expression as “an old maxim.” Whatever the ultimate origin, this cynical view of politicians has survived and has long been applied to anyone, male or female, whose influence or loyalty could be bought.
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