every last

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every last

A more emphatic way of saying "every." Every last thing in your room better be picked up before dinner. As usual, my teenage son has eaten every last bit of food in the house.
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every last (or single)

used to emphasize every member of a group.
1991 Colin Dexter The Jewel That Was Ours One clue unfinished in a Listener puzzle, and he would strain the capacity of every last brain-cell to bursting point until he had solved it.
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every last...

every person or thing in a group: We spent every last penny we had on the house.
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How can the Iraqi people now possibly recreate their own lives, their own civil structure, their own government when they have been deprived of every last paper that might have provided something at least to build upon?
Astonishing in its close scrutiny of every last engraving upon vintage weapons, U.
In conclusion, this is as an excellent example of the way in which scholars can squeeze every last drop of analysis from what might appear to be a limited and unrepresentative source.
The article states that "piles of cubes can occupy every last niche of a space.
We also need a change in attitude from the council who seem ready to sell every last bit of green space to developers, while the streets we've already got are littered and sometimes run down.
And they'll need every last penny after yesterday's humiliation against the champions.
They are caught in a squeeze between corporations bent on extracting every Last ounce of productivity from U.
How do schools seem to sponge up every last dollar?
The cutting of the oxygen line will ultimately serve to extinguish every last light, but not before a final concerted flash causes life in its entirety to pass before the eyes.
We have the right to demand they expend every last ounce of energy, every last bead of sweat, to meet the English challenge and to do justice to the nation.
Fisheries scrape the corners of the ocean to catch every last big fish," Worm says.
The trick is to get every last rat, and the tool is rodenticide pellets dropped by helicopters.
At the very beginning of a project at HRH, chief estimator Jim Muscianesi and his staff meet with the developer and architect to go over, every last detail.
Not only is he expected to have a full understanding of every last nut and bolt on his car, but he's also expected to be an able manager of the whole shebang.