every inch a/the leader, star, hero, etc.

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every inch a/the (something)

Fully and completely something; something in every detail. The designer will understand if you want to make more changes—he is every inch a professional. Wow, your costume is great! You look every inch the old Hollywood starlet.
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every ˌinch a/the ˈleader, ˈstar, ˈhero, etc.

a leader, star, hero, etc. in every way; completely a leader, star, hero, etc: She is every inch a movie star.That horse looks every inch a winner.He looked every inch the romantic hero.
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Mariah hardly moved, letting her all-male backup dancers do the terpsichorean heavy-lifting-although she looked every inch the star she's always been since she began blazing a trail for female vocalists in the pre-Spotify era.
LOS ANGELES -- Kelly Macdonald looks every inch the star, in a stylish dress and perfect makeup and manicure -- which she proudly notes she did herself.
Strong, clever and composed, he looked every inch the star he was tipped to be all those years ago before he went to Liverpool.
PLAYING keyboards with rock legends The Kinks, Gordon Edwards looked every inch the star.
"She oozed Hollywood glamour and was every inch the star that I had hopped she would be.
Friel, wearing heavily embroidered dresses, fake fur wraps, and Cossack-style boots, matched her backstage appearances with her onstage persona while ensuring that, according to the Daily Mail newspaper, she looked, "every inch the star."
Nutini looks every inch the star too, wearing rock uniform of black jeans, black shirt and shiny brown brogues, and his manner on stage was cool as you like.
Prince looked every inch the star in the incongruous surroundings, dressed head-to-toe in black and sporting a furry jerkin and large sunglasses.
Coleman, dressed in a black top, tartan skirt, tights and high heels, dazzled onlookers while Capaldi looked every inch the star in the Doctor's new outfit of a dark blue Crombie coat with red lining, dark blue trousers, white shirt and black Dr Martens shoes.
METHOD ACTORS The stars COVER GIRL Keira is every inch the star WAVES Hair style
He looked every inch the star and countless childhood memories of watching him "Boom Boom" on TV sent my heart pattering.
Crystal Capella was impressive in the Princess Of Wales's Stakes, while Timepiece looked every inch the star in the Falmouth Stakes.
Next Nadine Coyle emerged looking every inch the star with long flowing locks, LBD and strappy heels.
Jill Hargreaves, 24, a festival assistant from Gosforth, also looked every inch the star in a stunning blue figure-hugging satin dress from Coast.