every inch a/the leader, star, hero, etc.

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every inch a/the (something)

Fully and completely something; something in every detail. The designer will understand if you want to make more changes—he is every inch a professional. Wow, your costume is great! You look every inch the old Hollywood starlet.
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every ˌinch a/the ˈleader, ˈstar, ˈhero, etc.

a leader, star, hero, etc. in every way; completely a leader, star, hero, etc: She is every inch a movie star.That horse looks every inch a winner.He looked every inch the romantic hero.
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Indeed, Devlin remains every inch the hero among the Cliftonville faithful, appreciative of the fact they boast one of the Irish League's very best stoppers among their ranks.
He walked stiff-legged across the tarmac to join us and was every inch the hero I remembered from the book and the film Reach For The Sky.
The Walsall goalkeeper's dis-play atoned for his disappointment at the weekend when his error gave Wolves' George Ndah an easy winner in the West Midlands derby, but at the Madejski Stadium he was every inch the hero.
Steve Dorrington limped off to add to the Blues problems before Fredericks returned to the field looking every inch the hero swathed in bandages to his head.
Every night she cannot wait until he returns home exhausted after a hard day's work, often smelling of smoke and every inch the hero. He doesn't tend to get battered about too much but he does get grazes on his hands and if he has been out to a fire he smells of smoke.