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When you first started having to go skate with the pros, did you ever get super nervous?
Have you ever had any other seizures while skating?
In fact, now through December 3, 2015, Merrick is inviting pet parents across the country to share why their dog is the Best Dog Ever for a chance to win the Best Game of Fetch Ever with star football quarterback Drew Brees.
HAVE you ever drunk had deliriums, tremors, severe shakes, heard voices, seen things that weren't there?
I football, Oaks Christian is undoubtedly the most talented group ever assembled on one team.
The analytic sample included 83 white and 22 Hispanic adolescents who had used family planning services; 12 of these white teenagers (weighted, 9% of the population) and seven Hispanic young women (42% of the population) had ever been pregnant.
Anjelica "Jelly" Selden of Fairfield, CA, one of the most dominant prep pitchers ever.
One reason cheating is hard to gauge is that, as Glen Whitman's experience at CSU shows, technology and pervasive media make it easier to catch cheaters than ever before, even as the stories of those who are caught get ever wider exposure.
Now it is not likely that anyone who uses this expression has ever troubled himself to work out its logical implications.
Not only are these files bigger than ever before but also more daunting is the expectation that the data will always and forever be available at a moment's notice.
A personalized letter explaining that while the newsletter is better than ever, morale is shot at the office because "you" aren't part of the team any longer.
No, he arrives and they drive around without ever going anywhere except, eventually, back home.
Users will be amazed at all the new features that have made Sibelius easier to use than ever.
Ever After by Edwardo Jackson Striver's Row, October 2001, $22.