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She was born at term (3600 g) following an eventless pregnancy.
Occlusal interferences are looked for and cleared till the new habitual bite is eventless by having <0.5 s disclusion time and the entire craniofacial physiology is at its best health.
The mother states eventless natural delivery with normal development regarding neurological, psychiatric and motor acquisitions of the small child.
Since mortality in the present series was nil due to initial screening at the hospitalisation stage, we have analysed the morbidity as prognostic factors of better and eventless outcome and are given in table 5.
Hence I am forced to believe that no matter how eloquent we are about 'Nari Suraksha', it is becoming increasingly difficult to imagine that the fairer-sex will enjoy an 'eventless' life in this great nation.
After an eventless opening, Adam Mekki slalomed his way through the Mariners' defence in the eighth minute, eventually finding striker James Norwood, but the ball wouldn't stick and the visitors cleared the danger.
IN HIS SECOND BOOK, THE TRUCE (1963), Levi describes his tortuous nine-month journey home after liberation--an odyssey of senseless wandering between refugee camps, where months passed "sluggish and eventless." Detoured through Poland, White Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, and Austria, he felt "condemned to orbit for eternity through the Russian spaces, like useless spent stars."
The vandalism that occurs after a short period of "eventless" life in the building is described as such:
After several hours of eventless trolling, Granville's plan went into effect.
A myomectomy by Pfannenstiel incision, eventless, with little blood loss, was performed on the patient.
Conversely, time has little significance in the static, eventless world of EW, as symbolized by the dysfunctional clock in the clock tower that stands in the town's plaza: "The clock has long forfeited its original role as a timepiece." (38) Chronological information is scarce, and time there means little more than cyclic changes in Nature.
Therefore the repetitive simplicity and the eventless nature of this kind of time are not nullified, for they are indeed the true elements of analogical representation, the condition of the aesthetic, analogical unity between this scene and this music.
The agentic potentials in waiting, as demonstrated by some of the Chinese wives, are not an escape from the eventless or the ordinary, but a descent into it by allowing new governmental logics to be folded into intimate relations and their sense of being.
In the 1850s, Edith's reluctance to relocate might indicate more than just her shallow attachment to what Margaret dismisses as London's "eventless ease"--one could read her shudder as a genuine aversion to a very real war (339).
As mentioned above, in The Fine Day, the close-up is embedded in a form of laconic editing of an eventless story without strong narrative causality.