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If theology however remains enmeshed in the logics of ontotheology, its redemption may lie precisely in "taking the scriptures as the site of an event," liberating the word of God to its breathing, its ruach and its poetic creativity.
Gone are the days when interior decor and the lunch selection were the most important factors in choosing an event site.
Each special event is evaluated in terms of size, threat, significance, duration, location, attendance, media coverage, dignitaries, and viewing audience.
The nature of the story recall task of the present study afforded bilingual participants the opportunity to organize their memory by story (1 or 2), event [breakfasts (B's) and parties (P's)], specific event (B1, B2, P1, P2), and language of presentation (LP) [English(E) and/or Greek(G)].
The event will take place at the North Hills Country Club in Manhasset, N.
You can search events using the event search function or sort the calendar to reveal only the chapter events that interest you.
The two overall winners of that event, one from each age category, then competed against PGA star John Daly and PGA Champions player/golf broadcaster Gary McCord in a match play with a grand prize of $100,000.
Another way to add value to your event is by providing good concessions.
Symantec Event Managers provide enterprise customers with logging, alerting and reporting for a specific area of protection, such as antivirus, firewall and intrusion detection.
BizBash founder and ceo David Adler said the publication has a "Unique editorial approach of covering real events, event ideas and creative solutions.
At the time of event occurrence, none of the five employee victims wore any type of PPE.
In fact, any new symptom in an elderly person could be an adverse drug event and should be approached that way.
A lawsuit by Hobson was dismissed about the time Los Angeles officials decided to allow only one nonequestrian event there each year: the San Fernando Valley Fair.
Each year many children and adolescents sustain injuries from violence, lose friends or family members, or are adversely affected by witnessing a violent or catastrophic event.