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This allowed for a greater species richness and evenness.
Key words: Mammals Density Richness Evenness Riverine forests River Chenab.
It's a small increment on paper, but has proven to be significant in improved pattern density and evenness.
2006) together with earlier studies from Estonia where diatoms were studied on moist road-side soils (Vacht, 2012, 2014), the following hypotheses were formed: (1) the properties and structure of the riparian soil diatom community vary depending on the study area and site, soil and water body characteristics, and anthropogenic disturbances, but a partially common diatom community is maintained; and (2) diatom species richness and diversity decrease and community evenness increases with increasing human influence.
derma eStretchMarkCremeis formulated to optimize skin evenness, pliability and comfort.
He also points out there's an issue with the colour evenness under the new manufacturing process for the iPhone 6.
Some of these are rather simple (awareness of balance, evenness of tone and the like), while others continue the idea of imagery (kick off, roll, drop) that starts each unit, and each is appropriate and helpful.
Even the anti-aging crusade has evolved--no longer just about line correction, firming, and wrinkle repair, the emphasis is on things like radiance, resiliency, texture, evenness and clarity,"said Karen Grant, vice president and global industry analyst, The NPD Group, Inc.
2 and 5%) of polyester fiber with cotton, on properties of yarn like elongation, evenness, imperfections, hairiness and particularly on tensile strength.
Therefore, instead of cotton fibers from the plants, use of spun yarn is a good option as reinforcing agent because of alignment of fibers and high degree of evenness which gives better tensile properties of the yarn and ultimately the composites.
Amid a lot of landscapes, Alan Tyers's gouache works are noticeable for their strong areas of colour, despite the evenness of tone.
According to Australia A wicketkeeper Tim Paine, his side would like to see a bit more bounce and evenness in the pitch, adding that it was hard for their bowlers to get wickets on the first day of the tour match.
According to the company, benefits are the unique weight evenness properties as well as the improved evenness of MD/CD tensile strength values across the fabric width.