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Diversity measures using Shannon's Diversity Index and Evenness show little differences in diversity between years and between the East and West Banks (Table 2).
The high species diversity and evenness in the cove site suggest this site provides the microclimatic environment, habitat requirements, and food resources necessary to support a wide range of species.
Strive for ease of motion, lightness and evenness of finger strokes.
Clinical results showed that consumers experienced a 55% increase in elasticity, 33% improvement in the evenness of the skin texture and 94% increase in moisturization after two weeks use.
Not for him a top end shrieking for attention or low notes which struggle for tonal nourishment, but a quite remarkable evenness of timbre and the subtlest, most elegant phrasing you could ask for.
The course of life's events seemed slower than the knife but not less thorough,'' he reflects, not bitterly, but with an evenness that seems genuine and mature.
MagicTan Prep Skin Conditioner - an Aloe Vera-based skin conditioner that prepares the skin for the MagicTan tanning solution, improving the coverage and evenness of your tan.
This degree of precision is comparable to a variation in the surface evenness of the playing field housed in the Tokyo Dome sports stadium of less than 0.
These technologies allow the production of light and medium nonwoven fabrics at high production speeds, with excellent tensile strength properties where conventional technologies would compromise fabric evenness and productivity.
The native woodland had fewer species but greater evenness than either successional habitat.
evenness of voice throughout the range); tension mediation and elimination.
Intermittent ghostly jazzy echoes appeared after the formidable rhythmic intensities of the opening, the technical extravagances in the Adagio being shrugged away with seamless evenness between hands and beautifully placed melodic lines.
As for the enthusiastic shivareers (Charles Baxter, Scott Bell, Richard Shaw, Nicholas Gough and Alexander Wiebe), one would have liked a bit more evenness of sound, although they were fun to watch.
It simply penetrates, and gives evenness and balance to foods.
Consumer Reports rated various gas barbecues on price, evenness of cooking, grilling and convenience and on features.