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They manufactured eveners up to six-horse capacity, as well as double--and single-tree yokes and step--and extension-ladders to use up their scrap lumber.
I believe this item is an evener for use between two teams of horses hitched in tandem," George Fogle writes.
The blacksmith that made the evener punched four evenly spaced marks and then drilled three of them.
Rich people sat in a two-wheeled cart attached to the drag evener with a pipe and were pulled across the field.
Dennis Jeske wonders whether it might be a ring and clevis off a horse evener.
By the time he was 21 years old, Henry had patented an evener that facilitated a 4-horse hitch, and by the time he was 24, his hitch repair and evener manufacturing business had outgrown the buildings on the farm.
The detail is microscopic: The pull pin for the evener is really a wrench used to take off axle nuts so that the wheel could be pulled for greasing, just like the real one
Two-way sulky plows use a horizontal hitch, which provides for automatic shifting of the evener clevis to the front of the working beam by means of a roller moving on a horizontal draft bar.
The eveners for pulling the implement may also be attached to the tongue.
But the book is not concerned with little idiolects; its innocent pages are untouched by cynicism or technology (unless eveners, stretchers and swingle-trees count here); in fact the five lines on ash-tray are so naive as to mention only its location under a domestic fire.