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even Steven

slang Equal in something, especially after repaying a debt. All right, here's the $10 I owe you—now we're even Steven.
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Exactly equal; also, with nothing due or owed on either side. For example, I've paid it all back, so now we're even-steven. This rhyming phrase is used as an intensive for even. [Mid-1800s]


1. mod. evenly divided. He made the two piles of diamonds even-Steven and then let me choose which one I wanted.
2. mod. even; balanced. Now that we’ve given each other black eyes, are we even-Steven?
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It was even-stevens in the first half and we put a little bit of pressure on them.
The second half was even-stevens although again we had a couple of chances.
But now it's even-stevens and we've something to play for.
It is even-stevens for Cardiff in South Wales and Conwy in North Wales, which lead the way with 10 Green Flag Award sites per county.
He said on the night: "It's got to be even-stevens and we don't think it was.
For the first 10 minutes it was even-stevens and Saracens were unlucky not to get on the scoresheet when they were held up over the line.
Chelsea had very good chances in the first leg but we created some in the second leg so I think it was even-stevens and it was sad it went to penalties.
I thought we did pretty well against Australia last year - we were playing the best side in the world and we came out almost even-stevens with them so that shows we're capable of beating any side in the world.
I would say it was pretty even-stevens after the first day," said Derrick.
It was even-stevens on Saturday against Woking in the first half.
It was even-stevens during a goalless first half, but prolific scorer Brown struck to put West Brom ahead after 50 minutes.
and next year looks like even-Stevens even with the World Cup and the Winter Olympics.
It was a tremendous save and until they scored the first goal it was quite even-stevens