even Stephens

even stevens

slang Equal in something, especially after repaying a debt. All right, here's the $10 I owe you—now we're even stevens.
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even Stephens (or Stevens)

an even chance.
1990 Alan Duff Once Were Warriors And I give her half. Clean down the middle. Even stevens. I don't try and cheat her out of her share.
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After that it was pretty much even stephens after that, with George Boateng and Julio Arca finally getting to grips with the midfield.
Does that mean Leadbitter OR Clayton will partner Zuculini or Forshaw - if fit - or even Stephens in the next two games against QPR and Huddersfield?
Even Stephens tells himself that in the end a million dollar settlement probably serves only to sharpen the pain, by constricting it with legal language and forcing the survivors to question the authenticity of their own suffering.
Fry can now enjoy the flavour, named Even Stephens, in the comfort of his own home after the firm made a batch to send to him.
In Vermont he stops at the Ben and Jerry ice-cream factory, to mix his own flavour, Even Stephens. Driving into the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York, Stephen visits Topridge, and, donning a plaid shirt and baseball cap, goes native and becomes an unsuccessful deer hunter.
Next place to be ticked off is the Ben and Jerry's ice cream factory in Vermont, where Stephen stays long enough to 'invent' his own ice cream - by tossing walnuts and chocolate chunks into their standard vanilla to produce his Even Stephens flavour.
Those included even Stephens, who has vaulted from No.
Mark Bayley @mark33198050 Up the Boro, the Boro's going up, the Boro's going up today hey - let's danceAndrew Haines @BoroinBucks Even Stephens but Brighton's auto promo bid founders on the rock Werner Heisenberg @hicktonpen PHEW!
With the runners spread over the width of the track Ancient Cross looked to have it won inside the final furlong, but Liam Keniry produced the winner to score by a nose with Even Stephens, who raced on the other side of the course, just half a length back in third.