even Steven

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even Steven

slang Equal in something, especially after repaying a debt. All right, here's the $10 I owe you—now we're even Steven.
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even Steven

to be even (with someone or something) by having repaid a debt, replied in kind, etc. Bill hit Tom; then Tom hit Bill. Now they are even Steven. Mary paid Ann the $100 she owed her. Ann said, "Good, we are even Steven."
See also: even, Steven


Exactly equal; also, with nothing due or owed on either side. For example, I've paid it all back, so now we're even-steven. This rhyming phrase is used as an intensive for even. [Mid-1800s]


1. mod. evenly divided. He made the two piles of diamonds even-Steven and then let me choose which one I wanted.
2. mod. even; balanced. Now that we’ve given each other black eyes, are we even-Steven?
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Even Stephen Knafler QC, Alfie's parents' lawyer, said that Alfie may only survive "a few more months" if transferred to a hospital abroad for continued ventilation.
Even Stephen Haddrill, head of accountancy watchdog the Financial Reporting Council, admitted the sector needed more competition.
OUTSPOKEN Frank Field Even Stephen Haddrill, head of accountancy watchdogs the Financial Reporting Council, admitted the sector needed more competition.
Even Stephen Hawking said we need to be able to get off the planet; that it's going to end, but that's not the way it works.
Even Stephen Hawking warned the public about the future of robotics.
Not even Stephen Fry could cajole them into a cheeky peck for the roving 'Kiss Cam' at the Baftas in February; although Alicia did kiss Michael before accepting her Oscar for her role in The Danish Girl a few weeks later.
Hamilton's opposition to slavery is well documented, but even Stephen Knott acknowledges in his review of the book on which Miranda's show is based ("The Man Who Made Modern America," Fall 2004 CRB) that "One minor flaw in the book is its overstated account of Hamilton's commitment to abolition.
So when I see stuff like 'Stranger Things,' I say bring those things back-the works of King, and even Stephen Spielberg-polish them up and present it again.
IT SAYS a lot when even Stephen Hawking can't explain something.
Even Stephen Hawking and Sir Tim Berners-Lee say so.
While lavished with several awards in Britain and on the festival circuit, the narratively and stylistically over-cranked "Broken" didn't prove National Theatre director Norris as natural a fit for film as, say, Sam Mendes or even Stephen Daldry.
Surely even Stephen Harper, the military's greatest booster, would want to avoid a repeat of that situation.
I wouldn't be surprised to see (Nenad) Milijas, Adam Hammill and maybe even Stephen Hunt move on.
With Nigel gone and even Stephen Jones having departed, it needed a strong character to take centre stage, but someone who knows the values and traditions of the club.
Barron routinely conflates Jews and Israel, decrying the influence not of an "Israel lobby" but of the "Jewish lobby," a distinction that even Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer considered important.