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evaluate (someone or something) as (something)

To categorize or conceive of someone or something in a certain way in order to judge or grade them appropriately. Well, of course you were critiqued more harshly—she evaluated you as the professional dancer you are! We should evaluate this raw data as just that—not contextualized statistics.
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evaluate someone as something

to judge someone's performance as something. I will have to evaluate you as a new student. We must evaluate ourselves as teachers and leaders.
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Evaluators found the photographs after treatment more attractive than those before treatment particularly when they viewed the cases in sequence rather than randomly with almost similar gender esthetic perception toward dental alterations.
The preferred educational level for both vocational evaluator and rehabilitation counselor positions was a master's degree.
These custody evaluators acknowledged that extreme cases of battering exist but said they almost never saw them.
Finally, to formulate a comprehensive technical analysis plan, the evaluator will prioritize tasks and look for common threads in the proposal for consistency of purpose and understanding.
This is the key for the technical evaluator because without a focus on traceability and concise evaluation support, the technical evaluation will need numerous revisions before it can be considered adequate, by the contracting officer, for establishing a negotiating position.
The evaluators overviewed the lesson handout titled Peer-to-Peer 10BaseT LAN with sections titled Introduction, Objectives, Rules of Engagement, and Experiments.
ABSTRACT: This research proposes that the risk preferences of decision evaluators and the decision "domain" systematically influence evaluations of decision makers' information technology (IT) investment decisions.
In consultation with professors of educational research and educational administration, the primary evaluator developed some principles to guide the evaluation to ensure as much credibility and validity as possible for the final report.
For one thing, a custody evaluator should be knowledgeable about normal child development.
In the "halo effect," the evaluator sees one or two attributes that are "glowing" and isn't as careful about identifying overall strengths and weaknesses.
Visual turfgrass evaluation is time consuming, can be inconsistent among individual evaluators, and may vary from day to day for the same evaluator (Trenholm et al.
The department's decisions regarding who will serve as grant consultant and grant evaluator remain paramount to a positive outcome.
These results suggest that any attempt to implement comparable worth may be quite sensitive to the evaluator chosen to measure job worth.
How should an evaluator handle high-conflict divorces?
We want to ensure that the unit learns from anything that happens during the operation," said Rose Ann Alderete, a Traffic Management Specialist and Evaluator with the 596th.