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evaluate (someone or something) as (something)

To categorize or conceive of someone or something in a certain way in order to judge or grade them appropriately. Well, of course you were critiqued more harshly—she evaluated you as the professional dancer you are! We should evaluate this raw data as just that—not contextualized statistics.
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evaluate someone as something

to judge someone's performance as something. I will have to evaluate you as a new student. We must evaluate ourselves as teachers and leaders.
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The shifts were in the following areas: the role and functions of the vocational evaluator, the VE process; the VE setting; and the length of a VE.
One respondent commented, "It seems as though negative aspects of each employee are listed in the evaluation, but little assistance is offered in the way of remedying the flaws in order to stay on track for the path that the employee is interested in." The inclusion of open-ended questions can provide a forum for evaluators to provide constructive feedback, especially in cases where the rating system indicates a deficiency.
In the study, 23 custody evaluators participated in in-depth interviews, answering open-ended questions about their beliefs and how they made decisions.
Additionally, the images were included in a registry reading base to then be attached to an evaluation format that was sent (via Gmail or in USB memory) to the evaluators with the photographs before the intervention and the photographs to be evaluated after removing the intervention (upon discharge from the study).
The criteria used for the selection of the reference evaluator were specific training, time of use and expertise on the VPAS script, participation in the workshop on the use of this script, and inter- and intrajudgment congruence and reliability.
The evaluators took consent from the participants and confirmed about anonymity and confidentiality of data.
Regarding for the number of photograph in this study; we used 16 pictured and showed them in Randomized and in sequential order; on opppsite to other studies which used only one picture altered it and presented it to the evaluator only in sequential order.636
Unfortunately for the evaluator, eager to prove the efficacy of interpretation, neither the students in the treatment or control groups engaged in littering.
Do you receive great teaching ideas and support from your evaluator as part of your performance feedback?
The purpose of this paper is to (a) discuss the central differences between the roles of counselor and of child custody evaluator, and (b) describe best practices for conducting child custody evaluations.
Houston, TX, November 21, 2013 --(PR.com)-- "In every company's Operator Qualification (OQ) program, the Evaluator is an extremely important part of the program.
of California, Los Angeles) prepares graduate students, program administrators, and new evaluators to conduct evaluations or use them in their work.
The academic accreditation process is being conducted in collaboration with Centre for British Teachers Education Trust (CfBT) and the ministry will train evaluators to understand the nature of the diverse curricula schools teach.
The second citywide emergency drill in Mati City, Davao Oriental has been declared as generally 'fair to satisfactory' by evaluators on Friday morning.