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evaluate (someone or something) as (something)

To categorize or conceive of someone or something in a certain way in order to judge or grade them appropriately. Well, of course you were critiqued more harshly—she evaluated you as the professional dancer you are! We should evaluate this raw data as just that—not contextualized statistics.
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evaluate someone as something

to judge someone's performance as something. I will have to evaluate you as a new student. We must evaluate ourselves as teachers and leaders.
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Additionally, one epidemiologist said that even though 10 hours were available for evaluation, he felt these were used inefficiently due to lack of experience; more time was needed to get acquainted with the programme evaluation process.
To stimulate the sharing of evaluation responsibility, it was considered important that external partners had a stake in evaluation.
The evaluation of agricultural extension programs implies the systematic collection of information about activities, characteristics, and outcomes to make judgments related to programs, improve its effectiveness, and/or inform decisions about future programming.
The novel purpose of evaluation is to know the value or significance of something.
Piri (1390), in his research entitled 'Comparison of skills and insights of third grade students in descriptive and quantitative proposal in elementary school of Dezfool', concluded that: the mean of skill test of students in quantitative evaluation was 20.69 and in descriptive evaluation was 32.03 and this suggested that in the course of experimental sciences, the level of accessibility to the learning skills in students evaluated by descriptive method was more than that of students evaluated by quantitative method and this difference was statistically significant.
Van Evera (2006) investigated the effectiveness of formative evaluation feedback on function and motivation of students in guidance school in science course.
ADB's Independent Evaluation, reporting to the Board of Directors through the Development Effectiveness Committee, contributes to development effectiveness by providing feedback on ADB's policies, strategies, operations, and special concerns in Asia and the Pacific.
Hur Hassnain, Founder of Pakistan Evaluation Association thanked the participants and the supporting organisations such as PIDE, the International Organisation for Collaboration in Evaluation, International Development Evaluation Association and Grace Association Pakistan.
Considering the challenges to the evaluation and data collection in some of remote areas in the country, a strong culture of learning and sharing would help in resourcing, communicating and utilising the evaluation findings, Hur said.
So, in this study we took cognitive dissonance theory and students' evaluation of teaching and courses in areas of high and low achievement.
So, we are working out on possible differences in students' evaluation of teachers, courses linked with achievement keeping the ability level constant as both high and low achievers were the same individuals with difference in achievement.
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