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evaluate (someone or something) as (something)

To categorize or conceive of someone or something in a certain way in order to judge or grade them appropriately. Well, of course you were critiqued more harshly—she evaluated you as the professional dancer you are! We should evaluate this raw data as just that—not contextualized statistics.
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evaluate someone as something

to judge someone's performance as something. I will have to evaluate you as a new student. We must evaluate ourselves as teachers and leaders.
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* Decide on a committee: In most schools, there is already a group that evaluates technology and makes purchasing decisions.
* Practicum preceptors should be included in the evaluation process only if they are able to observe students' cultural sensitivity and competence, and should evaluate only skill-level competencies.
It is not clear how even the most highly skilled internal review team could properly evaluate whether an agent "provided proper and timely service to the taxpayer ...
Or should the agency include subjective dimensions to evaluate employees in as many areas as possible?
Many of the models used to evaluate the program have been adapted from models which were designed to analyze manpower training programs.(2) However, these types of models might not fully measure the impacts of the VR program, which provides its clients with a variety of services beyond those provided by other manpower training programs.(3)
Denner and Halprin (1974) suggest that when consumers use the same instrument to evaluate their progress and the social service.
These individual reports are used to evaluate the exposure of the reporting institutions.
Aastrom is implementing a "proof of concept" clinical plan to evaluate the ability of TRCs to generate three different types of bone: long bone, jaw bone and spine.
In this study, the objective was to evaluate the suitability of different hardwood kraft market pulps as raw materials for decorative papers.
To methodically evaluate these controls, companies need a formal structure within the context of the overall internal control framework adopted by management.
Also, we did not evaluate the efficacy of pesticide spraying for mosquito control or its cost-benefit ratio with regard to pesticide-related health effects.
The study did not aim to evaluate the quality of the participants' search results.
It shows that people have to look past the numbers to truly evaluate nursing homes.
Without this "snapshot," the board of trustees has no established precedent upon which to evaluate the core competencies needed in a new Leader.