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evacuate (one's) bowels

To defecate. Hang on, I've got to evacuate my bowels before we leave the house.
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evacuate one's bowels

Euph. to defecate. After taking a jog around the block, Jill felt the need to evacuate her bowels. I am afraid my little boy is sick. He has not evacuated his bowels for several days.
See also: bowel, evacuate

evacuate someone (from something) (to something)

to remove someone from something or some place to another thing or place, as in an emergency. They had to evacuate everyone from the subway station to a nearby building. The rescuers evacuated the people from the flames.
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12% chlorhexidine gluconate mouthrinse or from the suctioning of oral secretions and mouth debris by the Plak-Vac[TM] Oral Evacuator Brush.
Residual blood was removed from the posterior fornix, the smoke evacuator was deactivated, the dispersive pad and speculum were removed, and the patient was assisted in getting up from the table.
When a smoke evacuator was turned off for 30 seconds, the increase was 26-fold, Dr.
For example, something as simple as a torn bore evacuator O-ring can result in a deadly flareback
The components comprise the insert barrel with smoke evacuator and coupling, a sound absorber, the barrel fixing element, ammunition storage and a breech opening unit, for use with the Swiss Pz 87 and other Leopard II tanks.
Although one manufacturer combines the generator and smoke evacuator in a single unit, smoke evacuators are usually separate pieces of equipment.
Contract notice: securing of the sainte-ccile-d~andorge dam by setting up an evacuator on bcr phase pro-exe - mission of assistance to the owner
During LHR, the portable condensation particle counters documented an eightfold increase, compared with the ambient room baseline level of ultrafine particle concentrations (ambient room baseline, 15,300 particles per cubic centimeter [ppc]; LHR with smoke evacuator, 129,376 ppc), even when a smoke evacuator was in close proximity (5.
evacuator and saliva ejector Telling patients not May prevent backflow of material in the to close their lips vacuum line toward patients' mouths.
Once people became aware of these hazards it was increasingly obvious the one smoke evacuator machine in the department was not enough.
Condemn the bore evacuator when visible damage to the composite material (e.
So if a trust wishes to continue using diathermy without a smoke evacuator they are not breaking any laws.
The filters are available to fit almost every canister, saliva ejector and cuspidor bowl and to fit like a cap on any standard high-volume evacuator tip.
Vermeer has expanded its family of Evacuator vacuum excavation systems with the E550 and E900 high-cfm systems capable of delivering 1,000 cfm for more efficient potholing and cleanup of spoils.
Under laboratory conditions, ACM's client company tested the smoke evacuator attachments on a few pounds of hamburger meat, weighing the smoke and particulates collected over time.