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get euchred out of (something)

To lose something due to someone else's deception. "Euchre" is a card game that was popular in the US in the 19th century. He's no friend of mine—I got euchred out my life savings, thanks to his latest scheme.
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get euchred out of something

to get cheated out of something. (Alludes to losing in the card game euchre.) Joe's dad left him a farm, but he got euchred out of it by some city slicker real estate agent. I got euchred out often bucks by a con artist with a hard-luck story.
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tv. to cheat or deceive someone. Those guys’ll try to euchre you, so watch out.
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The Emmys, the Miss America Pageant, the Country Music Awards, and the MTV Awards all cast a warm glow of euchred hubris on our upturned faces.
Lyndon's daddy hustled down to the newspaper office and euchred Reverdy Gliddon, the man who had bought the one-time Johnson-owned paper, into endorsing Lyndon: "No one ever heard of Lyndon Johnson doing anything that was not honorable and straightforward."