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get euchred out of (something)

To lose something due to someone else's deception. "Euchre" is a card game that was popular in the US in the 19th century. He's no friend of mine—I got euchred out my life savings, thanks to his latest scheme.
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get euchred out of something

to get cheated out of something. (Alludes to losing in the card game euchre.) Joe's dad left him a farm, but he got euchred out of it by some city slicker real estate agent. I got euchred out often bucks by a con artist with a hard-luck story.
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tv. to cheat or deceive someone. Those guys’ll try to euchre you, so watch out.
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Which we had a small game, And Ah Sin took a hand: It was Euchre. The same He did not understand; But he smiled as he sat by the table, With the smile that was childlike and bland.
According to Henry Chafetz's 1960 book Play the Devil, combatants on both sides of the Civil War "were addicted to faro, poker, casino, euchre, monte, seven-up, and chuck-a-luck." Other accounts describe bored soldiers betting even on lice races.
Mercredi, 7 aout Course au trot Jeudi, 8 aout Soiree au club: Euchre, danse, etc.
SkillJam's agreement with Certus will bolster its current suite of online skill games with increasingly popular multi-player options, including card games such as Hearts, Whist, Spades, Thirty-One and Euchre, as well as a variety of board games like Backgammon, Battleship, Checkers, Chess and Reversi (Othello).
On the ship the men established a friendly relationship, playing games such as ringtoss, shuffleboard, and euchre. A few weeks later in New York, after meeting by chance on the street, Howells discussed his manuscript of Venetian Life with Hurd, who "accepted the manuscript [for publication] on the spot, without even asking to read it." (30)
275 Unbridled's Song colt with three stakes-winning siblings, notably triple Graded winner Euchre.
Gaines's response piece, Sexual Semiosis would seem to at once flatter and euchre Halley's by offering up "new unanticipated agents involved in the production of desire" that "an earlier feminism might not have imagined" (20): namely, pills that offer a short-lived remedy for erectile dysfunction.
The club was formed five years ago by 10 people who all play the card game euchre at their local pub, The Horseshoe and Castle, in Cooling, Kent.
If none of those games tickle your fancy, try, you'll find classics including euchre, checkers, or chess, and new games such as EA Sports Triviatron and Pebble Beach Golf, as well as other versions of games already mentioned.
Often Lizzie's friends would gather and play euchre in the evenings, and Lizzie reports these card games for several years.
The games are crazy eights, euchre and kings in the corner This activity is notable especially because the human game-playing proclivity is one of the indicators of what we like to think of as advanced civilization.
They came up with euchre, bingo, pub night, singing classes, and the Breakfast Club.
In a May 4, 1894, diary entry, for example, she deplores missing her weekly euchre club to promote her new collection Bayou Folk:
euchre had been reduced in the old Shorter and in T.
"If you say a sequence is partial and therefore [the inventor] is not entitled to the rest, then you open the way for predators to take the final step in the research direction and euchre the original inventor out of his or her invention," he says.