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et al.

And others. It is an abbreviation of a Latin phrase (et alii, et aliae or et alia, depending on the number and gender), and is typically used after a name or list of names to indicate the inclusion of others. This research was carried out by Richards et al.
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et tu, Brute

A phrase used to express one's dismay at mistreatment or betrayal. The phrase is attributed to Julius Caesar, whose close friend Brutus conspired to murder him. The Latin phrase translates to, "And you, Brutus?" Wow, even my own sister is gossiping about me now. Et tu, Brute?
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et tu, Brute?

(pronounced “Bru-TAY”) An expression of feeling betrayed. Marcus Brutus was one of the conspirators against Julius Caesar, formerly his great friend. Shakespeare's drama has Caesar's dying words the Latin for “and you, Brutus?” meaning “and you too” and uttered with tragic resignation as the Roman emperor recognized Brutus as one of his assassins.
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The in-principle decisions will: give the Government the tools to align the supply of units in the ETS with our target, set up a more predictable and transparent process for decision-making on ETS supply settings such as unit volumes and the price level of any price ceiling, allow further engagement and consultation with stakeholders, before the in-principle decisions are implemented, make the NZ ETS more similar to emission trading schemes in other countries which will mean that it is more compatible for international linking (accessing international units).
We obtained 15 pregnant rhesus macaque monkeys from the California National Primate Research Center breeding colony and assigned them to three different treatment groups: animals to be exposed to filtered air, those to receive both prenatal and postnatal ETS exposure, and those to receive postnatal exposure only.
The gender disparity may reflect biologic differences, structural differences (women generally have smaller airways than men), or differences in ETS exposure.
State Superintendent of Public Instruction Delaine Eastin had recommended going with ETS instead of an updated version of the Stanford 9 that will debut in 2003.
In the 1960s, a researcher at the College Board who would later become ETS's senior expert on the technical aspects of testing, argued in a report titled "Criticisms of Testing: Background Papers" that colleges should use the SAT and other ETS tests for placement rather than selection.
Assuming that the EPA assessment is accurate, a nonsmoker's exposure to ETS in social situations, restaurants and other environments over a lifetime increases the chance of lung cancer by one in a thousand.
Only 76 cycles did not include ETS exposure; of these, 42% resulted in conception.
CORPTAX ETS is grounded by the calculations and built-in intelligence of CORPTAX, the multiyear tax compliance and planning system that helps corporate tax departments manage their company's tax liabilities and comply with the multitude of complex laws and regulations.
Problems arise, moreover, when the fetus or infant is exposed to airborne pollutants such as ETS and diesel exhaust particles (DEP), which can cause airway inflammation and may enhance allergic sensitization and drive disease expression.
UK regulators are bullish on the need for a uniform ETS allocation process to ensure the UK is not disproportionately penalised.
Other adverse effects linked with ETS exposure include middle ear infections, colic, sudden infant death syndrome, and exacerbation of asthma.
Wave's ETS, when combined with a TPM, performs a variety of business security features, such as security policy management, data protection, password management and strong pre-boot authentication.
Now Ken Sexton and colleagues at the University of Minnesota report that elementary school--age children in two economically disadvantaged neighborhoods show consistent differences in ETS exposure by ethnicity and race [EHP 112:392-397].