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eternity box

slang A coffin. Eternity-boxes creep me out, man—I need to get out of this funeral home.
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n. a coffin. When I’m in my eternity-box, then you can have my stereo.
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In a seminar about Entrepreneurship after college life, ETERNITY invited Dr (Can) Ir.
Eternity has acquired Guizho Tongren in exchange for an aggregate of 17,181,769 shares of the common stock of the company.
s award winning Design Studio is proud to announce Limited Edition Classic Hand-Crafted Spinning Rare White & Natural Fancy Color Diamond Eternity Band Design(s) and the underlying charitable contribution to The American Red Cross Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.
5 You'll always regret NOT putting all those winners in an accumulator -- and you'll rue it for an eternity
co/campaigns/deadfire#about) Fig on Friday in hopes of getting enough support from backers to develop its "Pillars of Eternity" sequel, "Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.
Their topics include the order and movement of eternity: Karl Barth on the eternity of God and creaturely time, the resonating body in triune eternity, towards a doctrine of resurrection, Eucharist and immortality: Reformed reflections on the eschatological dimension of the sacrament, and technological immortalization and original mortality: Karl Barth on the celebration of finitude.
Because it describes the Big Bang as something that had no beginning, but at the same time it is regarded as an incident that came into being after not having existed at all, and this is self-contradictory, because that which existed from eternity (and had no beginning) cannot be an incident 2.
The Prophet Muhammad assured his followers that Jesus is not the Son of God (Koran 5:71-75; 19:30-38) and that anyone who believes otherwise will spend eternity in hell.
A WAVERTREE woman told of her heartache after burglars ransacked her home and stole a treasured eternity ring belonging to her late mother.
Davies was speaking at the opening of a R150 million Eternity Power Thermal Harvesting plant in Rustenburg yesterday.
Best Friends Through Eternity tells of teen Paige, who was abandoned in China as an infant and adopted by Canadian parents.
NorthStar Battery and Eternity Technologies join forces to launch a new tubular 2V OPzV battery range with capacities from 300-3000 Ah, to be sold exclusively by NorthStar for the telecom market.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-February 2, 2015-NorthStar Battery, Eternity Technologies joins forces on battery range
pass away, though It had found the water of eternity.
Christy, 45, will star in adverts for Eternity Night Calvin Klein.