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eternal sleep

A euphemism for death. Even though she had been sick for months, we were all devastated when our grandmother entered her eternal sleep.
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eternal life

Life after death. While we all will miss Stu's presence here on Earth, he will now enjoy eternal life in heaven.
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eternal triangle

A sexual encounter or relationship between three people. Although exciting at first, the eternal triangle caused their relationship to suffer and ultimately end.
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eternal life

Euph. life after death. He passed on into eternal life, leaving us behind to mourn. She is now at rest in eternal life.
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(the) eternal triangle

a sexual or emotional relationship involving two women and one man or two men and one woman. (*Typically, a couple [man and woman] and another man or woman.) Henry can't choose between his wife and his mistress. It's the eternal triangle. I'm surprised Jane doesn't get tired of the eternal triangle. She goes out with Peter at the weekend and Jim during the week.
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Hope springs eternal (in the human breast).

Prov. People will continue to hope even though they have evidence that things cannot possibly turn out the way they want. (From Alexander Pope's poem, "Essay on Man." Sometimes used to remark that you believe someone's situation is hopeless, as in the first example.) Jill: The boss may have turned me down the first twelve times I asked for a raise, but this time I really think she'll give it to me. Jane: Hope springs eternal in the human breast. Alan: You're not still trying to teach the dog to shake hands! Jane: Hope springs eternal.
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eternal triangle

A relationship involving three lovers, such as two women involved with one man or two men with one woman. For example, The plot of the murder mystery revolved around the eternal triangle of a husband, wife, and another woman . [c. 1900]
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hope springs eternal

People will keep on hoping, no matter what the odds. For example, I keep buying lottery tickets-hope springs eternal. This expression was coined by Alexander Pope ( An Essay on Man, 1732) and quickly became proverbial.
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the Eternal City

a name for the city of Rome.
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eternal triangle

a relationship between three people, typically a couple and the lover of one of them, involving sexual rivalry.
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hope springs eternal

it is human nature always to find fresh cause for optimism.
This is a shortened version of Alexander Pope's line in An Essay on Man ( 1733 ): ‘Hope springs eternal in the human breast’.
1992 Angela Lambert A Rather English Marriage Hope springs eternal—she smiled wryly—even in Tunbridge Wells .
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ˌhope springs eˈternal

(saying) human beings never stop hoping: She’s sure that he’ll come back to her one day. I’m not so sure, but hope springs eternal.This comes from An Essay on Man by Alexander Pope: ‘Hope springs eternal in the human breast’.
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the eternal checkout

n. death. Hank knew the eternal checkout was just around the corner, and he suddenly got religion.
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Koltai, who has shot most of Istvan Szabo's films (``Mephisto,'' ``Sunshine,'' ``Being Julia'') chose an eternally overcast, color-drained palette for the film, and a real photographer's eye is evident in many an exquisitely composed frame.
Goddess: National treasure Joan Collins - eternally stylish, always immaculate and showing the youth of today how it's done.
B's works eternally return to trauma, violence, and suffering.
AASTHA caters to the vast Asian Indian populace spread worldwide, who have, as a race and ethnic group eternally placed socio-spiritual-cultural values above everything else.
The art world serves as the backdrop for Gibbons' eternally topical play, but really you don't need to know your Cezannes from your fertility idols to get a charge out of what's taking place here.
We must be eternally vigilant to protect the interests of children.
They're eternally glamoured up for the going rigors of going bare.
I am eternally grateful for the support we continue to receive from our friends and neighbors in the community and across the country," he said, "and I hope all of our members and their families have the most joyous of Holiday seasons.
His mother eternally abandons his impossible alcoholic father, leaving Chris to fend for himself (he pines, usually unsuccessfully, for female companionship).
Dramatis personae, from oldest to youngest: driven attorney Ginnie (Jennifer Esposito) reluctantly informs her husband (Callum Blue) she's pregnant (then asks him to forget she mentioned it, to which he responds, ``We've never attempted that level of denial before as a couple''); Ann (Kiele Sanchez) counsels transvestites and her relationship is collapsing; Marjee (Lizzy Caplan) is a high-strung, eternally discombobulated celebrity-event coordinator who deals poorly with moving back to her childhood home; and doe-eyed college student Rose (Laura Breckinridge) ineptly attempts to rebel by switching her major from premed to experimental theater.
An extremely shy person, yet eternally optimistic, Norman always emphasized the positive in the game he loved.
I cherish you and will be eternally grateful for the time extended me to watch you grow.
My feeling has always been that CONFESSIONS would be a landmark album for me," said Usher, "and I will be eternally grateful to my friends at Arista for making that a reality.
Casey Sheehan died in the service of his country, protecting me and my family, and I am eternally grateful for his supreme sacrifice.