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So many questions, he can't answer, He might have been based on one of life's chancers A work of art without much colour, just a grey maybe duller, A hand-crafted figure that must have been first planned and drawn, Before this beautiful statue was born, Before he was etched in stone by Jonny Rooney, Fazakerley
AS THEY were finishing at the Curragh, they were turning for home in the 3m handicap hurdle at Hexham, with Boris The Blade holding a healthy advantage from favourite Etched In Stone, who was still a good ten lengths down jumping the last.
ETCHED IN STONE is a 'list' horse running at Hexham tomorrow, assuming the meeting survives likely stormy weather.
Norma Tempel, president of Etched in Stone Waterjet Fabrication (EIS), recently announced that EIS has been contracted to do fabrication for several projects at two major New Jersey sites.
While nothing is etched in stone, here's a look at potential candidates.
Richards looks to have a good chance of getting on the scoreboard earlier in the day at the Cambridgeshire course by saddling Etched In Stone to victory in the H2Onationwide 'National Hunt' Novices' Hurdle.
The competition between Clausen and Ainge, the nephew of former Boston Celtics guard Danny Ainge, was so close during training camp that nothing is etched in stone at this point.
Some life's teaching are etched in stone as Anneth insists on a Pentecostal preacher to perform the wedding ceremony.
The Vietnam survivors that saw their buddies die in combat finally got the chance to run their hands across and feel their names etched in stone.
She is currently studying what appear to be markings of fine textiles etched in stone palettes recovered from prehistoric burial mounds.
Drawn close to the glowing glass-and-steel displays, the viewer realized that what appeared to be ancient and inert was flickering, technological; what one thought was etched in stone was written in light.
Words, whether etched in stone, written in sand, sent by Morse code, inked on parchment or transmitted in bytes, serve only one purpose: to connect us with other people," O'Conner and Kellerman point out.
So, too, do the people also etched in stone there, among them Aristotle, Cicero, Euclid, Pythagoras, and Ptolemy.
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