etch in

etch (something) in(to) (something)

To cut something, such as a design or message, into some material or surface. Here, use this to try to etch your name into the glass.
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etch something in(to) something

 and etch something in
to erode a design or message into something, usually with acid. They etched their family crest into their good crystal. He etched in his initials.
See also: etch
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The effect of microleakage is significantly lower with the addition of acid etch in self-adhering flowable composite.
[2004] retrospectively compared a self-etching primer (Prompt L-Pop[R]) and phosphoric acid etch in a school based FS program over a one year period.
Once the photoresist is patterned, it is used to pattern the silicon dioxide film by a 2 min wet etch in a 6% buffered HF oxide etch solution, then rinsed and dried.
At this point, the wafers are ready for the anisotropic etch in tetramethylammonium hydroxide (TMAH) solution.
Finally, the silicon dioxide mask is stripped by a second 2 min wet etch in 6% buffered HF, then rinsed and dried.