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etched in stone

Permanently fixed or firmly established; not subject to any amendment or alteration. Often used in the negative. The deal isn't yet etched in stone, but we're confident it will go ahead as hoped.
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etch (something) in(to) (something)

To cut something, such as a design or message, into some material or surface, usually with acid. Here, use the substance and try to etch your name into the glass.
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etch something in(to) something

 and etch something in
to erode a design or message into something, usually with acid. They etched their family crest into their good crystal. He etched in his initials.
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cast in stone

Also, etched in stone. Definite, fixed, as in We may choose to stay longer-our plans aren't cast in stone, or When Carl sets an agenda you can safely assume it's etched in stone. Both expressions allude to sculpture, with the first, from the early 1500s, using the verb cast in the sense of pouring and hardening some material into a final form, and the second cutting or corroding a permanent design.
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be etched on your ˈheart/ˈmemory/ˈmind

be something that you will never forget because it affected you so strongly: The image of their son holding up the championship trophy would be etched on their memories forever.
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MEI's Critical Etch System is unlike conventional metal etch systems.
MEI's Critical Etch solution targets semiconductor and MEMS processing applications where metal pattern etches are required to create todays most sophisticated mobile communication devices.
Aviza offers both front-end-of-line (FEOL) and back-end-of-line (BEOL) process applications including products for atomic layer deposition (ALD), diffusion and low pressure chemical vapor deposition (LPCVD) furnaces, atmospheric pressure CVD (APCVD), CVD, etch and physical vapor deposition (PVD).
The superior technology of the first Applied Centura AdvantEdge Etch system, designed for silicon etching, generated strong customer acceptance, with more than 50 chambers in the field since its introduction in July 2005.
This system gathers detailed data on crucial CD elements encountered in lithography and advanced etch processing including gate, STI, dual-damascene structures, sidewalls and line-edge variation.
The Dimension X: The Dimension X is designed specifically to address the semiconductor industry's need for higher-resolution etch depth metrology.
In an unrelated announcement, Tegal said that they had installed, upgraded and added a second process module to a 6500 advanced plasma etch system at the Instituto Trentino di Cultura (ITC) -- Instituto per la Ricerca Scientifica e Tecnologica (IRST), a prestigious Italian R&D institute.
The Tegal 6540 is a high-density plasma etch tool featuring the unique HRe-(TM) reactor, and Tegal's patented dual-frequency RF power technology and magnetic plasma confinement.
TEL has been working with key customers in the US and Japan to develop its next generation etch chamber to meet the demands of 45nm.
The JIN is another chamber in a long line of successful Dielectric etch chambers, including TEL's popular DRM chamber.
We are delighted and gratified that our customers have supported the Enabler Etch system for SI's Best Product award," said Dr.
The system is proven for a wide range of applications, including Co and Ni etch for salicide formation, PR strip and post-ash clean, non-megasonic particle removal and wafer reclaim.
Nasdaq:AMAT) reported a jump in market share for its etch systems, from 24% to 27% of the estimated $3.
Tegal Corporation (Nasdaq:TGAL) today announced that a major European integrated device manufacturer has placed a multiple system order which includes a 6540 advanced plasma etch system, as well as multiple 980ACS and 900 Series plasma etch systems.
Specifically designed to maximize the performance of Veeco's NEXUS Ion Beam Etch systems for next-generation thin film magnetic head (TFMH) production, this new ion source provides unsurpassed uniformity and repeatability in all TFMH etch processes, including perpendicular and longitudinal pole etch, air bearing surface contouring, and TMR and CPP sensor definition.