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estranged from (one)

No longer having a relationship with someone, often due to hostilities. They had such an ugly divorce that Dave is now estranged from his ex-wife. What happened between Molly and her mother? How long have they been estranged from each other?
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*estranged from someone

to be alienated from someone. (*Typically: be ~; become ~.) Toward the end, they were estranged from each other, so a separation was perfectly natural. She had been estranged from her husband for a number of years.
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Counselling may also help to address any parenting or personality deficits that may have contributed to the alienation or estrangement and provide the parent with guidelines for responding to the child's negative comments.
Nicholson's focus on the paradoxical union of intimacy and estrangement at the heart of classical rhetoric necessarily reframes the now familiar history of English self-fashioning in the sixteenth century.
Such institutional acts have the potential, Tillet suggests, to challenge the national historical amnesia around slavery as well as African Americans' contemporary civic estrangement.
Simpson's book places its outcast characters and their foreign commodities--gifts and poisons--beside signals of textual strangeness or "techniques of estrangement," such as the metaphor, the foreign word, and the footnote.
Lucidly argued, elegantly written, beautifully illustrated, and covering much needed scholarly territory, The Art of Estrangement was a pleasure to read and will be a required text from now on in my "Three Cultures of Spain" course.
Place attachment, appropriation, estrangement In his article 'Ecological restoration and place attachment: emplacing non-places?
This chapter fits the least neatly into the conceptual organization of the book-allegory displaces estrangement as the relevant technique for generating multiple, conflicting contexts and indeterminacy.
Joshua Coleman, a San Francisco psychologist who is an expert on parental estrangement, says it appears to be growing more and more common, even in families who haven't experienced obvious cruelty or traumas like abuse and addiction.
Our current estrangement from nature, however, is making us unhealthy.
He is expected to be deported from Egypt, which has recently said it is ready to open a new chapter in ties with Iran after around 30 years of estrangement.
Indeed, Suvin's notions of cognitive estrangement and the novum gave the genre the sort of theoretical heft that made it worthy of academic study in the first place.
In The Political Novel, Scheingold uses the novel of political estrangement as a fresh means by which to understand the ideological conflicts of the twentieth century.
And yet we were given, formationless, a "licence" to go and wreck our family's and children's lives in promiscuity; then separation and divorce, followed by total estrangement.
Dal's departure was seen as a result of party in-fighting and apparent estrangement of Dogan from powerful political forces in Turkey.
It (criticism) is a rare event because it provides an additional proof about the Syrian-Iranian estrangement which began in the wake of the 2003 U.