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estranged from (one)

No longer having a relationship with someone, often due to hostilities. They had such an ugly divorce that Dave is now estranged from his ex-wife. What happened between Molly and her mother? How long have they been estranged from each other?
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*estranged from someone

to be alienated from someone. (*Typically: be ~; become ~.) Toward the end, they were estranged from each other, so a separation was perfectly natural. She had been estranged from her husband for a number of years.
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No efforts seem to have been made by either to initiate any steps to end this estrangement. On Pakistan's side, it is most likely the apprehension that a direct recognition of Armenia will result in straining of its traditionally close relations with Turkey and Azerbaijan.
Brown was assigned blame for the illness in a vindictive attack that left the conscientious mother and Syracuse University professor in an emotional crisis that provoked the final estrangement.
It takes a lot to move the court past estrangement into alienation, but once it's determined that one parent is alienating the kids, the court has no choice but to jump in and make pretty strong orders right away."
Junaid Makda lauded Pakistan, China and Afghanistan tripartite Foreign Ministers dialogue to ease the Pak-Afghan Political estrangement, enhance trade or increase security option and counterterrorism activities and offered services and support from PAJCCI in this regard.
( TMZ added the diagnosis became a way for the mother and daughter to reestablish their bond after two years of estrangement.
It does far better to end this old estrangement, turning Cuba into a friend and ally and encouraging more freedom for its people.
In short, Hillel should not be sanguine about its estrangement from such a distinguished coterie of Jewish academics.
A child may refuse to visit a parent for a variety of reasons including estrangement, alienation and reasons that are appropriate to the child's age, maturity and gender.
He also reveals the trauma of his first wife's mental health problems, and how he finally made peace with his daughter after several years of estrangement.
Fresh off his appeal to the US and Cuban leaders to end their halfcentury of estrangement, Francis issued his plea to Colombia's warring factions from Revolution Plaza at the end of his Sunday Mass.
Summary: President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro plan their first substantial, in-person discussion Saturday, a historic encounter as they work to restore diplomatic ties after more than half a century of estrangement between their countries.
The poems move in a very cyclical pattern epitomizing the advent of love in one's life, followed by a sudden estrangement and a hopeful return of love, in its own mysterious way.
DPK failed to participate on the PDSH Congress and the fact that Hashim Tachi didn't congratulate the election of Menduh Tachi as leader of the Albanian party in Macedonia led to total estrangement of the relations between them.
and Cuba after decades of estrangement is proof sanctions don't work, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham said.
This process of estrangement is the subject of Catherine Nicholson's beautifully written Uncommon Tongues, which argues that the vernacular eloquence of the early English Renaissance is fundamentally eccentric, estranged both from familiar ideals of Englishness as well as classical standards of linguistic propriety.