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ballpark estimate

An approximate estimate. Mary contacted several plumbers to get a ballpark estimate of the cost to fix her leaky toilet.
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estimate the cost at (something)

To predict that something will cost a certain amount. Unfortunately, I would estimate the cost of these car repairs at $1,000.
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estimate the cost at

(some amount) to approximate the cost of something at a particular amount. I estimate the cost at about one hundred dollars. The cost of repairing the car was estimated at over four thousand dollars!
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a ballpark figure


a ballpark estimate

A ballpark figure or a ballpark estimate is an approximate figure or quantity. Note: A ballpark is a park or stadium where baseball is played. But what are we talking about here — a few thousand, millions, two bucks? Give me a ballpark figure. I think just in a ballpark estimate — about 60-40. Sixty would support, 40 percent would be opposed.
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a ˈballpark figure

a number which is approximately correct: I know we haven’t really discussed costs yet, but can you give me a ballpark figure?
See also: ballpark, figure
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The four ratio estimators were as follows: 1) the mean of the individual F:S ratios, called the "basic F:S" ratio estimator (Eq.
Pindyck and Rubinfeld (1999), Gujarati (1999), and Mirer (1995) indicate that the OLS formula can be written as a linear combination of the observations of the dependent variable but then state the theorem in the form that indicates that the OLS formula produces a unique, minimum variance estimator.
Working with engineers, the estimator first reviews the blueprint to determine the machining operations, tools, gauges, and materials that would be required for the job.
This paper introduces a modified form of the Lo, Mack, and Wang estimator that maintains non-negativity.
Power Control Centers are the largest market for power system state estimators by software type, largely due to the strong presence of independent system operators and private utility companies in North America and Europe.
This study shows consumers who use myHealthcare Cost Estimator are making better, more informed choices regarding the quality of care, said Sam Ho, M.
For cost estimators and analysts, the value of their portfolios can easily soar into billions of dollars.
The shrinkage estimator currently in use by CMS for public quality reporting for mortality and readmission rates is the RSMR (Krumholz et al.
To reduce the dimension of the results displayed in tables 1 and 2, the total absolute biases are summed across correlation levels for each estimator; this will facilitate a study of the asymptotic behavior of TAB for each estimator, computation of the average bias for each estimator and its dispersion over sample sizes, all of which will also help in ranking the estimators under [P.
For the time dependence in this article, we use a multivariate generalization of the recursive credibility estimator of Sundt in which the risk parameter itself is modeled as an autoregressive process.
firm will launch the CIGNA cost of care estimator, which will let patients and health care professionals know the total cost to be charged for medical services based on the individual's specific health plan.
The Athena Sustainable Materials Institute Ottawa, Canada, and its collaborator in software development, Morrison Hershfield, have released the ATHENAR Impact Estimator for Buildings 4, the newest version of the acclaimed building assessment software.
In order to design this type of estimator we need to position the estimator's poles in the left Nyquist plane so that the estimator's stability is assured.
Significant differences were found to exist between over-estimator, under-estimator and accurate estimator groups on the real scores obtained via objective measures of ability, F(2, 91) = 16.