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ballpark estimate

An approximate estimate. Mary contacted several plumbers to get a ballpark estimate of the cost to fix her leaky toilet.
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estimate the cost at (something)

To predict that something will cost a certain amount. Unfortunately, I would estimate the cost of these car repairs at $1,000.
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estimate the cost at

(some amount) to approximate the cost of something at a particular amount. I estimate the cost at about one hundred dollars. The cost of repairing the car was estimated at over four thousand dollars!
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a ballpark figure


a ballpark estimate

A ballpark figure or a ballpark estimate is an approximate figure or quantity. Note: A ballpark is a park or stadium where baseball is played. But what are we talking about here — a few thousand, millions, two bucks? Give me a ballpark figure. I think just in a ballpark estimate — about 60-40. Sixty would support, 40 percent would be opposed.
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a ˈballpark figure

a number which is approximately correct: I know we haven’t really discussed costs yet, but can you give me a ballpark figure?
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effort goes into estimative questions because these are the most
In this Darmstadt case study, the first approach was carried out using an estimative U-factor-based method and in an one-step iteration of modeling results from different scenarios.
The estimative of genetic distance among Santo Antonio do Taua, PA and Sena Madureira; AC could not be measured, since these populations had no alleles in common.
Desenvolvimento e validacao de equacoes generalizadas para a estimative da densidade corporal em adultos.
"Working individuals nearing their 50's and 60' cannot rely solely on estimative guesses, they need to confidently know if their savings will be able to deliver adequate income to sustain the retirement lifestyle that they want and that is precisely the reason the VxPI indexes were created," commented Frank Votaw, Chief Operating Officer of Voth Nixon Group.
It is possible, however, to deduce the seed predation pressure by predators, which in turn, may be used to estimate seeds vulnerability at community level (Sieving, 1992) creating a estimative of relative predation rates for the community (Loiselle and Hoppes, 1983; Wilcove, 1985).
Moreover, in order to adjust the theoretical models and the definition of the coefficients to the semivariograms, an estimative method of values distributed in space using adjacent values (Kriging) was used.
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(62.) Judgments about the development of intussusception and its symptoms prior to April 12 must of necessity be estimative because all participants with firsthand knowledge of his condition are long dead, and none of the newspaper or other reports on the ailment after he had taken ill at Shibe Park address whether he experienced beforehand indications of a medical problem.
Finally, the UN spokesperson added "on the humanitarian front, UNRWA is now housing up to 80,000 Palestinians in its various shelters and relief centers and UNRWA's schools; and that we estimative to be about the 5 percent of the entire population."
In our results (Table 5) the Rikhter & Efanov (1976) equation also provided the higher estimate (0.63) while the Pauly's expression resulted in an estimative of 0.41.
The excretion estimative of [sup.99m]Tc-DTPA by the kidneys was statistically analyzed through the Student f-test with a significance level of P < 0.05 which was considered statistically significant.