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ballpark estimate

An approximate estimate. Mary contacted several plumbers to get a ballpark estimate of the cost to fix her leaky toilet.
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estimate the cost at (something)

To predict that something will cost a certain amount. Unfortunately, I would estimate the cost of these car repairs at $1,000.
See also: cost, estimate

estimate the cost at

(some amount) to approximate the cost of something at a particular amount. I estimate the cost at about one hundred dollars. The cost of repairing the car was estimated at over four thousand dollars!
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a ballpark figure


a ballpark estimate

A ballpark figure or a ballpark estimate is an approximate figure or quantity. Note: A ballpark is a park or stadium where baseball is played. But what are we talking about here — a few thousand, millions, two bucks? Give me a ballpark figure. I think just in a ballpark estimate — about 60-40. Sixty would support, 40 percent would be opposed.
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a ˈballpark figure

a number which is approximately correct: I know we haven’t really discussed costs yet, but can you give me a ballpark figure?
See also: ballpark, figure
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As a demolition estimator, compare your estimating responsibilities with that of a defense attorney.
Hastie and Tibshirani's (1990) monograph on GAMs proposed a method for estimating the matrices R and [R.
By adding eSeg Estimator to SwiftEstimator, a suite that already includes SF residential and commercial estimating technologies and commercial contents and inventory estimating capabilities, we streamline the estimating process, improving productivity and our clients bottom line," said Linda Jovanelly, director of marketing at Marshall & Swift.
More and more, we've seen a shift in the way government agencies and private companies are handling their estimating needs across the organization," said Curtis Peltz, Timberline president and CEO.
PrimeSite's X-tensible Document Management system supports customized data capture, enabling data in Precision X-DOC to be mapped to each customer's unique implementation of Timberline Estimating.
JDFW began seeking a readily available, more accurate and verifiable estimating method.
Already, some companies are examining the benefits offered to retirees and many have been unpleasantly surprised at the magnitude of the costs involved and the difficulty of estimating them.
com, an innovative, one-stop estimating tool that provides online access to the nation's most used and quoted construction cost data, in tandem with new estimating capabilities and user-defined customization features.
Our model provides but 1 approach for estimating foodborne illness and quantifying in estimate uncertainty.
Successful demolition estimating is a process of using the organization's past project performance data along with checking and re-checking all items that will affect the final price of the estimate.
However, there has been considerable debate in interpreting the results from these studies in terms of estimating loss of life expectancy (McMichael et al.
As a result, the IRS faces a challenge in determining or estimating correct tip amounts.
By reinstating a large corporation elective safe harbor for estimated tax payments based on a percentage of the prior year's tax liability, Congress could remove the uncertainty associated with the determination of tax liability from the quarterly estimating and payment process.
Accounting practice was mixed regarding timing of cleanup liability recognition, possibly due to the difficulty of estimating the costs' components.
Although the Federal Reserve conducts no surveys of capacity or utilization, it uses data on utilization rates from various surveys in estimating its capacity indexes.
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