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be held in high esteem

To be regarded with a large amount of respect or admiration. I'll go see if I can persuade the committee, for I am held in high esteem among them. Mr. Ross has always been held in high esteem for all his charity work.
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hold (someone) in high esteem

To have a large amount of respect or admiration for someone. I'll go see if I can persuade the committee—they hold me in high esteem. I've always held my father in high esteem for his hard work to provide for us.
See also: esteem, high, hold
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I was wrong to forget myself and you, as I did; but let me implore you to forget and forgive my rash presumption, and think of me as if those words had never been spoken; for, believe me, I regret them deeply, and the loss of your esteem is too severe a penalty: I cannot bear it.
Forgetfulness is not to be purchased with a wish; and I cannot bestow my esteem on all who desire it, unless they deserve it too.
Much might be ruminated here, concerning the essential dignity of this regal process, because in common life we esteem but meanly and contemptibly a fellow who anoints his hair, and palpably smells of that anointing.
I have never yet known what it was to separate esteem and love.
In conclusion, general self esteem scores of participants are 0.
The first approach was to establish factorial distinctiveness via the statistical technique of factor analysis (see, for instance, Sim & Loh, 2003), with the expectation that items from the newly-developed God centered self-esteem scale and items from an established self-esteem scale (namely, the Rosenberg Self Esteem Scale; Rosenberg, 1989/1965) would load on their own separate factors (Hypothesis 1) and thus indicate distinctiveness in terms of factor structure.