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be held in high esteem

To be regarded with a large amount of respect or admiration. I'll go see if I can persuade the committee, for I am held in high esteem among them. Mr. Ross has always been held in high esteem for all his charity work.
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hold (someone) in high esteem

To have a large amount of respect or admiration for someone. I'll go see if I can persuade the committee—they hold me in high esteem. I've always held my father in high esteem for his hard work to provide for us.
See also: esteem, high, hold
References in classic literature ?
There is in every breast a sensibility to marks of honor, of favor, of esteem, and of confidence, which, apart from all considerations of interest, is some pledge for grateful and benevolent returns.
Welcome, my son," he said; "that you are granted, gladly, and without one word of opposition, the most precious jewel in all Helium, yes, on all Barsoom, is sufficient earnest of my esteem.
But if I go on, I shall displease you by saying what I think of persons you esteem Stop me whilst you can.
He knew it well, and for his part held her in the greatest esteem.
And Captain Van Horn, who ruled the Arangi in bare legs, a loin cloth, and a sixpenny under-shirt, and ran cannibal blacks back and forth in the blackbird trade with an automatic strapped to his body waking and sleeping and with his head forfeit in scores of salt- water villages and bush strongholds, and who was esteemed the toughest skipper in the Solomons where only men who are tough may continue to live and esteem toughness, blinked with sudden moisture in his eyes, and could not see for the moment the puppy that quivered all its body of love in his arms and kissed away the salty softness of his eyes.
MERCURY ONCE DETERMINED to learn in what esteem he was held among mortals.
He greeted his host and his cousin both coldly, and me with a glance intended to express the deepest sympathy mingled with high admiration and esteem.
I was wrong to forget myself and you, as I did; but let me implore you to forget and forgive my rash presumption, and think of me as if those words had never been spoken; for, believe me, I regret them deeply, and the loss of your esteem is too severe a penalty: I cannot bear it.
Forgetfulness is not to be purchased with a wish; and I cannot bestow my esteem on all who desire it, unless they deserve it too.
Since opening in 2013, Esteem Me has surpassed statewide requirements through highly trained staff, curriculum development and expansion, increased safety measures and standards, healthy meals and other initiatives designed to nourish children's minds and bodies.
Verdi 2004, investigated effect of life skills on assertiveness, self esteem and responsibility of girl students in first grade of high school at Ahvaz.
The ESTeem 195E series wireless modems used for this application was designed specifically for the rigors of military and industrial applications.
Item-wording and the dimensionality of the Rosenberg Self Esteem Scale: Do they matter?
Some 500 11-17 year old were extensively interviewed for the report "Girls Self Esteem - Potential Consequences for the Future" which investigated a range of attitudes and behaviours surrounding self-image, personal care, relationships, future planning and future aspirations.
For example, when discussing self-esteem, Honneth argues that the distinct social esteem given to a small number of positions / professions under capitalist regimes, should be broadened to include many other fields of activity (14), probably hinting at activities such as child rearing.