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establish (oneself, someone, or something) as (something)

To confirm oneself, someone, or something's role or reputation as being a certain thing or having a certain status. That merger established the company as the biggest on the East Coast. I think you need to establish yourself as a tough teacher early on so that the kids actually listen to you.
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establish (someone or something) in (something)

To install someone or something in a particular place or role. I'm pretty sure his parents' wealth is what established him as a manager in the company right out of college.
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establish someone or something as someone or something

to validate or confirm someone or something as someone or something. As soon as we establish her as a viable candidate, we will launch the publicity campaign. She established herself as an authority on rare books.
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establish someone or something in something

to set someone or something up in something or some place; to install someone or something in something or some place. We established a restaurant in the middle of downtown. My uncle established me in the candy business.
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1636: After being banished from Puritan Massachusetts, religious dissident Roger Williams establishes Providence, Rhode Island.
Testing establishes a starting point for improving air quality.
Before it establishes valuation ranges on various types of property or services, CCRA should consult with valuation experts in a number of fields.
Also, to spread the risk of loss, the company frequently establishes joint ventures in natural resource businesses.
Neither the Supreme Court's relatively narrow definition of "seizure" nor the lower court's equally narrow application in this case necessarily establishes that an officer's ineptitude or lack of skill in using a firearm can never result in a fourth amendment seizure.
Already called a landmark study, Internal Control--Integrated Framework establishes for the first time a standard for evaluating the effectiveness of internal control systems.
"Licensure establishes standards very different from those of certification.
When a landowner establishes a conservation easement, he or she may continue to live on the land or work it--in accordance with the easement's provisions--and can sell the land or pass it on to heirs.
For example, if a calendar-year corporation establishes' an EPS-based target for a bonus pool, the actual results for the year will not be known until the January or February following the close of the year for which the bonus accrues.
Connecticut: For tax years beginning after 1998, corporations must add back to Federal taxable income interest and intangible expenses/costs directly or indirectly paid to related members, unless the corporation: (1) establishes by clear and convincing evidence that the adjustments are unreasonable; (2) establishes by a preponderance of the evidence that the transaction did not have as a principal purpose the avoid ante of tax and during the same tax year, the related member paid the expense to an unrelated person; or (3) agrees in writing with the commissioner to the use of an alternative apportionment method; see P.A.
In other words, once a taxpayer establishes that an "other" method is the "best" method, it should be permitted in subsequent years to establish reasonable cause by documenting its pricing methodology and analyzing any changes in its critical assumptions.
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