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establish (oneself, someone, or something) as (something)

To confirm oneself, someone, or something's role or reputation as being a certain thing or having a certain status. That merger established the company as the biggest on the East Coast. I think you need to establish yourself as a tough teacher early on so that the kids actually listen to you.
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establish (someone or something) in (something)

To install someone or something in a particular place or role. I'm pretty sure his parents' wealth is what established him as a manager in the company right out of college.
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establish someone or something as someone or something

to validate or confirm someone or something as someone or something. As soon as we establish her as a viable candidate, we will launch the publicity campaign. She established herself as an authority on rare books.
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establish someone or something in something

to set someone or something up in something or some place; to install someone or something in something or some place. We established a restaurant in the middle of downtown. My uncle established me in the candy business.
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The psalmist presents YHWH not as deliverer of Israel, establisher of Zion, or the God who covenants with David but as God for all peoples who gaze up upon the heavens and see awesome wonders.
The evocative words of Bharatiya Pooja blend Oriental and Occidental spirituality: "O Lord of all, Source and Establisher and Preserved of eternal dharma, we pray that peace and tranquility may descend on the whole world and on us who offer your eternal sacrifice.
Make yourself known as an establisher of trends rather than trying to catch up after your competition has set the trend.
As Spivak states, "Imperialism's image as the establisher of the good society is marked by the espousal of the woman as object of protection from her own kind" (299).
Here Elizabeth came to be seen--both in poetry and film--as the establisher of the New World, and the great collectors such as Henry Clay Folger, Harry Elkins Widener (at Harvard), and Alexander Smith Cochran (at Yale) attempted to bring the culture of Elizabethan England to the new continent.
His efforts serve as a way of praising God "who is the source of wisdom, the creator, establisher, and ruler of nature.
De Lauretis's theory of the subject and its creation through the construction of gender owes debts to both Freud's psychoanalytical approach focusing on the figure of Oedipus and Propp's structuralist study of myth: it thus seems particularly applicable to an analysis of ancient literature, and especially of epic and tragedy: "The hero, the mythical subject, is constructed as human being and as male; he is the active principle of culture, the establisher of distinction, the creator of differences.
Technological innovation is critical to our continued success and Bluestreak Technology's open Flash[R] platform enables us to deliver the latest in leading-edge set-top box user interfaces to consumers," said Hwa-seop Lim, Establisher and Chief Executive Officer, Kaonmedia.
Aside from SEO, the company offers brand marketing services like Brand Establisher and Brand Booster to build brands for its clients that target markets can identify with.
John Martinuti, establisher of the prestigious World Music Award revealed that Lebanese diva Nancy Ajram is the artist who won this year's award for the category "Best Arab Singer" and will be presented with the award during a special event to be held at the Sporting Hall in Monaco.
Despite the fact that some of its aspects are painful, we can never blame Maneckji as the establisher of this problem.
The school system is seen as an important establisher of the practical value of languages.
Is consciousness (and the self consciousness it helped to produce), usually regarded as our distinction and prize possession, really a curse, the establisher of unbridgeable differences?