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establish (oneself, someone, or something) as (something)

To confirm oneself, someone, or something's role or reputation as being a certain thing or having a certain status. That merger established the company as the biggest on the East Coast. I think you need to establish yourself as a tough teacher early on so that the kids actually listen to you.
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establish (someone or something) in (something)

To install someone or something in a particular place or role. I'm pretty sure his parents' wealth is what established him as a manager in the company right out of college.
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establish someone or something as someone or something

to validate or confirm someone or something as someone or something. As soon as we establish her as a viable candidate, we will launch the publicity campaign. She established herself as an authority on rare books.
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establish someone or something in something

to set someone or something up in something or some place; to install someone or something in something or some place. We established a restaurant in the middle of downtown. My uncle established me in the candy business.
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I was impressed with the cooperative and constructive relationship that was established between the NIH, Duke University, and the Public Health Service.
Among other measures, the legislation expanded the definition of money laundering, strengthened enforcement, and established a financial intelligence unit within the NCBI.
A DS assessment established the context for the Milestone B decision for Future Combat Systems (FCS), a highly complex, transformational program that is a key to building the Army's future force.
This fund, established by the Idaho MTA, honors Fern Nolte Davidson, a piano and piano pedagogy teacher at Albertson College of Idaho for thirty-five years.
If either party fails to meet its commitments established in the MOU, the LIFE process will be terminated.
As for established players, she said, they're avoiding the distraction of pursuing acquisitions and are "keeping their eye on the ball at this point.
One of the most phenomenal aspects is to realize that the relationship being established is not designed to be a FRIENDSHIP.
WAIV established a voice mail system for deaf students, allowing them the option of using a voice message service telephone number on their resume.
Once the park is established, it will form the core of new urban development, with residential development around three of its edges, establishing a hierarchy of public and private spaces in the manner of the traditional Georgian square.
The Ukrainian Catholic Church, as it now exists, reflects the ecclesiology of the Church as the one body of Christ, established on the rock of Peter, and submitted to the universal ministry of charity to his successors, the Popes, by the will of the Divine Founder.
In 1987, as part of its Health Service Agreement with the Victorian Health Department, Austin Hospital included a clause to the effect that a Community Health and Rehabilitation Advisory Committee would be established, with the aim of improving patient care, including rehabilitation and domiciliary care, through consultation with the community and community-based agencies.
In fact, to counteract a severe RCL, Medicare has established the "exception request" methodology.
Mack says the museum should be established under a separate board of directors that is at least 51% black.
Local preservationists have come to realize that the beauty of our old established neighborhoods-indeed our cultural heritage-is not invested solely in buildings and rustic stone walls but includes the surrounding landscape and especially the old trees.
A standardized instrument with established external validity would be useful to measure common components across centers.