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establish (oneself, someone, or something) as (something)

To confirm oneself, someone, or something's role or reputation as being a certain thing or having a certain status. That merger established the company as the biggest on the East Coast. I think you need to establish yourself as a tough teacher early on so that the kids actually listen to you.
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establish (someone or something) in (something)

To install someone or something in a particular place or role. I'm pretty sure his parents' wealth is what established him as a manager in the company right out of college.
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establish someone or something as someone or something

to validate or confirm someone or something as someone or something. As soon as we establish her as a viable candidate, we will launch the publicity campaign. She established herself as an authority on rare books.
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establish someone or something in something

to set someone or something up in something or some place; to install someone or something in something or some place. We established a restaurant in the middle of downtown. My uncle established me in the candy business.
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Earlier, the management also approached the inspector general of police Islamabad seeking the police's cooperation to establish a chowki in Phase II.
1633: Settlers fed up with the strict Massachusetts government establish Windsor in what becomes Connecticut Colony.
Meanwhile, in California, Proposition 89, to establish full public financing for statewide and legislative elections qualified for the November 2006 ballot.
These supply chain alliances (SCAs), are being established with DLA suppliers that are not original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) but still collectively comprise a substantial portion of DLA's obligation dollars and provide critical items to the agency's customers.
And after a memorial scholarship is established, staff members inform the family about who has sent gifts to the fund in memory of the loved one (without disclosing amounts).
If your CONUS/PACOM unit is deployed to SWA your rear detachment can maintain your APD account, but your deployed force must establish a V-account through AEPUBS to get any -12-series publications.
Television crime shows and movie mysteries with elaborate plot twists leave viewers in suspense until a surprise ending when investigators identify the suspect and establish guilt.
Initially, the new company, which is scheduled to commence full-scale operations in December, plans to manufacture and ship power steering pipes to Toyoda-Koki Automotive (Fushan) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Toyota Machine Works established in December 2004.
This website will be continuously updated through a collaboration established between the NIEHS and the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), super-computing center.
Under the IBA and Regulation K, in acting on an application by a foreign bank to establish a representative office, the Board must consider whether the foreign bank (1) engages directly in the business of banking outside of the United States, (2) has furnished to the Board the information it needs to assess the application adequately, and (3) is subject to comprehensive supervision on a consolidated basis by its home country supervisor (12 U.S.C.
"That's what we're doing with this project, researching the best methods of growth and select the lead material so that when plantations come on-line, we have material we can propagate to establish these plantations."
In addition, the firm will need to establish new reporting procedures for internal execution, settlement and reconciliation, and problem resolution.
Many players never learn the footwork that will enable them to square up to the basket and establish a triple threat.
In 2004, innovative storage-savvy startups led the iSCSI charge, and, as the market developed, established vendors weighed in with their own iSCSI offerings.