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escort (one) from (something)

To accompany one out of some place or thing, perhaps to ensure that they leave. If you keep talking during the play, the usher will escort you from the theater! I escorted my date from the party and made sure she got into a cab safely.
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escort (one) to (something)

To accompany one to some place or thing, perhaps to ensure that they do not deviate from that path. Will you please escort my cousin to the prom? Her date canceled on her at the last minute. If you keep talking during the play, the usher will escort you to the exit! One of the ushers will escort you to your seats.
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escort someone or something from something

to accompany or lead someone or something away from something or some place. A police officer escorted them from the auditorium. A band of honorary pallbearers escorted the coffin from the chapel.
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escort someone or something to something

to accompany or lead someone or something to something or some place. We escorted the women to their seats. Claude escorted Harry to the exit and bade him farewell.
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Stretching as far as the eye could see, the first batch of the all-new, cherry red Ford Escort XR3 gleamed in the sunshine, lined up one after another after leaving the Ford plant in Bridgend.
Speaking at a press briefing on Monday, Albayalde said that applicants for protection need to undergo a threat assessment to detrmine if they really need police escorts.
Patient advocacy groups, led by the Western Isles Cancer Care Initiative (WICCI), have pushing for a more patient-centred form of approval for escorts.
Filmore Escobal, director of the PNP-Police Security Protection Group (PSPG), said no less than PNP chief, Director General Oscar Albayalde ordered the recall of Trillanes' two police escorts upon the directive of President Duterte.
A Japanese helicopter carrier and her two destroyer escorts will dock at the former US naval base in Olongapo City on Friday in a visit by the biggest flotilla of ships yet by Japan's military into the country.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Aug 7 (ANI): The Board of Directors of Escorts Limited on Tuesday announced appointment of Nikhil Nanda as the new Chairman and Managing Director.
LAHORE -- Real estate tycoon Malik Riaz owned Escorts Investment Bank Limited (EIBL) on Wednesday announced to increase its authorized share capital from Rs2 billion to Rs3 billion for expansion of its business.
IThe first Mk1 Ford Escorts had actually come off the Halewood production line late in 1967, replacing the Anglia that had been built in Merseyside since 1963.
Not everyone is going to agree where the Cheapest Escorts in London are.
Though it can't be said that the business of male escorts is a recent trend, it can be said with certainty that wider internet penetration has enabled people to solicit male escorts, bringing the subject into the popular arena.
But today the Mirror publishes more excerpts from tapes of his conversations, uncovered by the Sunday Mirror, with the young escorts to refute the claims.
The passports were allegedly provided by their Filipino escorts who organized the pilgrimage.
And the fast Escorts that followed on included the 1968 Escort 1300GT with its 96mph capability, the 111mph Escort Twin Cam, and the 113mph Escort RS1600 of 1970 plus the great Escort Mexico, also of 1970.