escort to

escort (one) to (something)

To accompany one to some place or thing, perhaps to ensure that they do not deviate from that path. Will you please escort my cousin to the prom? Her date canceled on her at the last minute. If you keep talking during the play, the usher will escort you to the exit! One of the ushers will escort you to your seats.
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escort someone or something to something

to accompany or lead someone or something to something or some place. We escorted the women to their seats. Claude escorted Harry to the exit and bade him farewell.
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References in classic literature ?
He built his fire as close to the cart as he dared, waiting for one of the escort to order him away.
Ricardo Diaz informed him that not a single NBI agent from his office served as escort to Mercado.
Single businessmen and women typically hire an escort to accompany them to dinner or the theatre.
While it is not illegal to work as an escort, or for an escort to take money from a client in return for sex, people living in Hanover Mill, in Newcastle, have raised concerns about goingson.
The children waited 35 minutes for the escort to arrive.
Basically addressing the Sierra Cosworths shortcomings, notably weight and size, Ford intended the Escort to win rallies as the Sierra had something of a disastrous career in group A.
Basically addressing the Sierra Cosworth's shortcomings, notably weight and size, Ford intended the Escort to win rallies.
But the 5,202,412nd Escort to be built at Ford's Merseyside plant yesterday was the last one ever.