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escort (one) from (something)

To accompany one out of some place or thing, perhaps to ensure that they leave. If you keep talking during the play, the usher will escort you from the theater! I escorted my date from the party and made sure she got into a cab safely.
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escort (one) to (something)

To accompany one to some place or thing, perhaps to ensure that they do not deviate from that path. Will you please escort my cousin to the prom? Her date canceled on her at the last minute. If you keep talking during the play, the usher will escort you to the exit! One of the ushers will escort you to your seats.
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escort someone or something from something

to accompany or lead someone or something away from something or some place. A police officer escorted them from the auditorium. A band of honorary pallbearers escorted the coffin from the chapel.
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escort someone or something to something

to accompany or lead someone or something to something or some place. We escorted the women to their seats. Claude escorted Harry to the exit and bade him farewell.
See also: escort
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Halewood went on to build the subsequent Escort models, all the way up to the final version, the Mk6, which ended production on Merseyside in 2000.
254 percent in Escorts Investment Bank Limited (EIBL), according to an advertisement published in a newspaper on Wednesday.
Incall Escorts are great if you have a sudden urge or whim and need to act fast
com , founded in 1996 is said to be the first male escort ad-listing website; similar sites like Rentmen.
Once a patient is approved for a commercial medical escort AeroCare will purchase first class or business class airline tickets and will coordinate the entire medical escort.
Monomoy acquired Escort through Fund II in October of 2013, and Escort has since upgraded its senior management team, restructured operations, and re-focused the company on its core products and customer base.
The Escort was also an important building block in the Ford of Europe set-up we know today.
Any sexual activity between a client and escort is outside of the agreed escort service, a private matter and not connected with the agency.
Prostitution and escort services promotions have become rarely discoverable since the agreement rules have explicitly 'clarified' that even legal prostitution is not allowed on the site.
Dubai Escort service companies in Dubai have gained access to large email databases, and, in a move to broaden their horizons, have resorted to email to spread word of their services.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-April 23, 2012-ESCORT unveils ESCORT Live and SmartOffice Mobile PC(C)1994-2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
Rowlands and Edwards won the D&C Rallying-sponsored event in their Ford Escort, 21 seconds ahead of Bala-based Aled Charles, who was partnered on the event by Paul Roberts from Penllyn in another MK2 Ford Escort.
While it is not illegal to work as an escort, or for an escort to take money from a client in return for sex, people living in Hanover Mill, in Newcastle, have raised concerns about goingson.