escape notice

escape (one's) notice

To avoid being seen. I doubt you will escape people's notice if you show up at the party in a floor-length sequined gown.
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escape someone's notice

Fig. to go unnoticed; not to have been noticed. (Usually a way to point out that someone has failed to see or respond to something.) I suppose my earlier request escaped your notice, so I'm writing again. I'm sorry. Your letter escaped my notice.
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escape notice

Elude attention or observation, as in It must have escaped the editor's notice so I'll write again. [c. 1700]
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Some reports said he had a steady girlfriend as he moved from flat to flat to escape notice.
Ten days later, as this figure scaled higher with Christmas and New Year traffic peaking, an audacious couple -- an Arab man and his girlfriend -- thought they would walk away with a few bags at Dubai International Airport and escape notice in the holiday rush.
'Where was the CDA when they were being constructed,' asked Perveen, adding that all the buildings built along that section of the highway could not have been built in a day so as to escape notice from the CDA.
It should not escape notice that the interview was given to the same journalist, for the same newspaper, as published to Dawn Leaks story.
But it should escape notice that, of all the directors and despite Nolan's technical mastery, Del Toro is the only one whose movie, 'The Shape of Water,' is completely, spectacularly different from all the others.
He said it was difficult for women to keep the pregnancies a secret, but when ministry officials visited, surrogates hid in their homes or tried to escape notice.
In surveying the semiotic stumbles and surges enabled by new forms of communication, Ribas suggested that the most salient advances might be the ones designed to escape notice altogether.
England and Wales' 1.8 million African and African-Caribbean population is too large to escape notice, too small and recently established to escape abuse.
Others reveal a man rumored to have been swallowed by the earth, a botched assassination attempt, and the fate of a man who feigns insanity to escape notice. A cast of determined hustlers and individuals seems emblematic of a country in upheaval.
Though there have been successes in thwarting mindless killings, the ones that escape notice or scrutiny make the biggest impact.
This finding didn't escape notice of Indian students applying for admission to the university.
1 overall draft pick and little he does will escape notice.
As part of the rag, tag and bobtail of a group of players, he could perhaps hope to escape notice.