escape notice

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escape (one's) notice

To avoid being seen. I doubt you will escape people's notice if you show up at the party in a floor-length sequined gown.
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escape someone's notice

Fig. to go unnoticed; not to have been noticed. (Usually a way to point out that someone has failed to see or respond to something.) I suppose my earlier request escaped your notice, so I'm writing again. I'm sorry. Your letter escaped my notice.
See also: escape, notice

escape notice

Elude attention or observation, as in It must have escaped the editor's notice so I'll write again. [c. 1700]
See also: escape, notice
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As part of the rag, tag and bobtail of a group of players, he could perhaps hope to escape notice.
On parts of some streets Palestinians are allowed to pass but when they do so they walk swiftly with their heads down to escape notice by Israeli settlers and soldiers.
The masquerading medics escape notice, sometimes for decades.
According to The Journal of Transportation Security, in an article posted online in November, it is "very likely" that a pancake-shaped pouch filled with powder and taped to an individual's gut would escape notice by a screener viewing scanner images.
Instead of sitting at desks dreaming up harebrained IT solutions to our horrendous crime and social problems, why not rearrange priorities so that every serving police officer in West Yorkshire spends at least 50% of his or her time out and about in the community, dealing with the crimes and behavioural problems that really matter to people but currently escape notice or have low priority?
Looking merely at the photos, the fact that there is only one party to the equation does not escape notice.
It shouldn't escape notice, though, that applications, even the classics, are moving online with new business models.
But this would require reconfiguring Iran's centrifuge network, miniaturizing HEU to fit on a warhead - technical steps that could take 1-2 years or more -- and would not escape notice of U.
It reads: "While so much interest is being centred on the doings of Newcastle United, what are looked on as minor matters generally escape notice.
It seemed almost to escape notice that last week, as the minutes ticked down to the first Classics, we had the top-rated chaser of them all, the champion hurdler and a whole bargeload of top novice winners from Cheltenham still doing battle at Punchestown.
These algae are such a dominant member of the microbiology community that they can't escape notice, but for some reason they have not attracted much attention," McDermott said.
These days, the property is less likely to escape notice.
Because they are small and mostly limit their feeding to dusk and dawn, they may escape notice.
Irving delivers the biography about the recluse but will The Hoax fool his publishers or escape notice of Hughes himself?
Such a small object can easily escape notice by the naked eye.