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escalate into (something)

To worsen into a new situation or problem. What he thinks is a moment of constructive criticism often escalates into an argument with his daughter. Please don't let this little squabble escalate into a major rift between you two.
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escalate into something

to intensify into something; to increase gradually into something. This argument is going to escalate into something serious very soon. These cases of the flu could escalate into a real epidemic.
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escalate something into something

to cause something to intensify. He escalated the argument into a vicious fight. The dictator tried to escalate the disagreement into a cause for war.
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When relative resolve is equal to zero, any escalation by the challenger could result in a reciprocal escalation by the adversary, as perceived by the challenger.
The report also includes case studies of successful implementation of automatic escalation in supplemental defined contribution plans for some public employees in Missouri, Ohio, and Virginia.
He urged youth in change squares to adopt another escalation, represented by supporting Hadi's decrees and by demanding the construction of a new civil state.
Self-justification has become one of the most popular theories used to explain the escalation of commitment.
Most of the researchers agree on the four fundamental causes of escalation as being: a.
Typically, an escalation clause will not cover such items as monetary fluctuations in international exchange rates, loss of volume discounts, the bankruptcy of a key supplier, and changes in building codes.
Thorough, rich in details, and well researched and articulated, Logevall's analysis of all the facts in this wider framework leads him to conclude that--contrary to the Administration's arguments--American credibility, prestige, or reputation were not really at stake in Vietnam; that efforts to prevent escalation of the Americanization of the conflict through diplomatic efforts were willfully thwarted by the Administration; and that the notion of credibility had as much to do with domestic politics as anything else (i.
Further it might agree that if this fails and degrading tirades of anger persist, there will be an escalation of intervention that requires this person to move out and live with their uncle.
Escalation in Decision Making chronicles the London Stock Exchange's attempt to develop an electronic share settlement process that would greatly facilitate the speed of settlement by eliminating the need for matching paper documentation from buyers and sellers.
There are many different ways to effect an escalation provision in a lease document.
This increased commitment of resources to projects performing below expectations is termed escalation (Staw, 1976).
Because the Ukraine is now a separate state, the armaments that were built up in a two-party escalation have to be undone in a three-party deescalation.
Download Syrian southern de escalation zone monitoring center opens in Jordan