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escalate into (something)

To worsen into a new situation or problem. What he thinks is a moment of constructive criticism often escalates into an argument with his daughter. Please don't let this little squabble escalate into a major rift between you two.
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escalate into something

to intensify into something; to increase gradually into something. This argument is going to escalate into something serious very soon. These cases of the flu could escalate into a real epidemic.
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escalate something into something

to cause something to intensify. He escalated the argument into a vicious fight. The dictator tried to escalate the disagreement into a cause for war.
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"We identified variables measured in the emergency department predictive of escalated care in bronchiolitis and derived a risk score to stratify risk of this outcome," the authors write.
"In conjunction with the UN Security Council resolution to send international observers to monitor the implementation of the initiative of the UN envoy Kofi Annan, the armed terrorist groups have hysterically escalated their aggressions on the army, the law enforcement forces and the civilians," said the military source.
However, violence then escalated in other parts of the city.
Guerrilla groups have long resided around Apartado, but as civil strife escalated during the last year, the guerrillas started using nastier tactics--forcing citizens to pay a "tax" to avoid violence.
"Tensions arose between 2 groups from different communities after some altercation and scuffle escalated over a parking issue in Hauz Qazi.
At Craigavon Crown Court, Co Armagh, Judge Patrick Lynch said cases such as this had escalated into petrol bombings in the past.
During the month of Ramadan eggs were being sold at the rate of Rs 62 per dozen and in the post Ramadan period the prices have escalated to Rs 108 per dozen.
A dispute between members of the Shkeir and Miqdad families escalated into a violent clash in which machine guns were used.
Tensions between Hizbullah and the Israeli military escalated when the IDF reinforced an advanced military outpost in the Kfar Shuba hills in southern Lebanon and Hizbullah supporters tried to confront it.
INDUSTRIAL action by workers at a giant oil refinery, which threatens to disrupt fuel supplies, could be escalated following the breakdown of talks.
The matter escalated on July 27 when ACORN countersued for $10 million.
President Ernesto Zedillo abandoned peace talks with the Zapatistas on February 9, and the attacks against the bishop escalated. On February 15, hundreds of conservative demonstrators stoned the cathedral and attacked the bishop's supporters, who had started a twenty-four-hour vigil to protect Don Samuel.
It is vital to mention here that tensions between both countries escalated after PAF shot down two Indian fighter jets as a result of LOC violations and in response to intrusion in Pakistan on Wednesday.
The High Representative of EU Federica Mogherini issued a statement saying, "Following the recent terrorist attack in Pulwama, tensions along the 'Line of Control' between India and Pakistan have escalated militarily during the last days.
Summary: SIDON: A family feud in the Palestinian refugee camp of Ain al-Hilweh escalated into an exchange of gunfire early Tuesday morning in which one man was killed, despite Palestinian authorities' efforts to swiftly calm the situation.