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escalate into (something)

To worsen into a new situation or problem. What he thinks is a moment of constructive criticism often escalates into an argument with his daughter. Please don't let this little squabble escalate into a major rift between you two.
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escalate into something

to intensify into something; to increase gradually into something. This argument is going to escalate into something serious very soon. These cases of the flu could escalate into a real epidemic.
See also: escalate

escalate something into something

to cause something to intensify. He escalated the argument into a vicious fight. The dictator tried to escalate the disagreement into a cause for war.
See also: escalate
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“It is extremely important for us to educate our clients on all the important aspects of Internet marketing, says an executive from Escalate Internet.
The message added that the IDF "exhibited self-restraint on a number of occasions when the Lebanese people tried to escalate tensions along Lebanese-Israeli borders.
Union leaders condemned the development and warned that the dispute would escalate.
"Plan Colombia" promises to escalate an intractable and brutal conflict.
Confrontations would escalate, and the bloody civil war that has been so talked about would probably become a reality, warns historian Gonzalez Esponda.
Both small and large agencies may view this situation as one that calls for training solely in "ethical intimidation." The diversity of contemporary America, however, paired with the unique factors that can cause even minor disturbances to escalate, creates a need for a mind-set adjustment in American policing.
WASHINGTON -- Islamabad does not want to further escalate the tensions with New Delhi but desires dialogue to resolve the problems, Pakistan's ambassador to the United States Dr Asad Majeed Khan said Monday.
Summary: The Union Coordination Committee announced Friday that it would prepare to escalate measures after the holidays to protest Parliament's failure to pass their long-sought-after wage hike.
NNA - Relatives of the captured military soldiers held a press conference on Wednesday at their sit-in location in Riyad Soleh Square and promised to escalate their moves this Friday.
PUBLIC sector workers will have to escalate their industrial action if they are to avoid further pay cuts, the president of Siptu claimed yesterday.
As the NYC market continues to show a strong resurgence, and the effectuated rental rates continue to escalate, with the only presently weak sector being the downtown area, my prediction is that Westchester and Fairfield can anticipate one of its greatest absorption periods since the early 80s.
"I think the dangers on the ground will escalate if we go through another cycle of Friday prayer without a resolution to this current crisis," he added.
Duterte on Thursday threatened Mindanaoan local executives that he would declare martial law if terrorism and the drug problem continue to escalate in the region.
Summary: A top UNIFIL official said the situation on the border with Israel was stable after the weekend shooting of an Israeli soldier threatened to escalate tensions.
PM Imran Khan, while addressing the joint session of Parliament, urged India not to escalate the situation as he announced to free the captured Indian pilot.