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erupt from (someone or something)

To burst out of someone or something. I couldn't believe the anger that erupted from Mike when he thought he'd been wronged. How can so much vomit erupt from such a tiny baby? When do scientists predict lava will erupt from this volcano again?
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erupt into (something)

1. To burst into something, often a noise. The crowd erupted into cheers when the band finally took the stage.
2. To escalate abruptly into a new situation or problem. What he thinks is a moment of constructive criticism often erupts into an argument with his daughter. Please don't let this little squabble erupt into a major rift between you two.
See also: erupt

erupt from something

to burst out of something or some place. A billow of smoke erupted from the chimney. A mass of ashes and gasses erupted from the volcano.
See also: erupt

erupt into something

[for something] to become a serious problem suddenly. The argument erupted into a terrible fight. They were afraid the fight would erupt into a riot.
See also: erupt
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As Kilauea continues to erupt, people living at the bottom of its slopes can only hope that its lava and vog will flow toward the ocean and away from their homes.
The Erupt project ( European Research on Understanding Processes and Timescales of magma evolution in volcanic systems ( involves Durham working with six other universities.
It was the first tooth to erupt in most subjects among the six teeth studied.
But once a storm erupts "we're doing fairly well," in determining when it will strike Earth, argues Kappenman.
FIRED UP: When a solar flare (bright spot, below) erupts on the sun, it can take days for the charged particles to reach Earth.
Within active regions on the sun--places that show intense magnetic activity--those areas that exhibit an S-shaped pattern in their X-ray emissions are the ones most likely to erupt.
If the volcano were to erupt today, scientists predict that the resulting ash cloud would affect areas 1,000 miles away, leaving two thirds of the entire US uninhabitable.
Helens did, it will erupt with violent force, shooting tons of gas, ash, and superheated volcanic rock or lava into the stratosphere, 50 km (31 mi) above Earth's surface.
He theorizes that the flow forms part of a conveyor belt system: Mantle rock streams toward the rise, erupts, and bonds to the Pacific Plate, then moves with the plate away from the rise.
Over 17,000 people have now been evacuated from villages surrounding Mount Sinabung in Indonesia as the volcano continues to erupt.
In Volcano, a burst of lava erupts from a hidden source beneath downtown Los Angeles, where no volcano even exists.
Research on the remains of one such lava deluge in western India pinpoints for the first time the origin of the rock that erupts in these so-called flood basalts.
Such X-rays are detectable only when a solar flare erupts.
e1) told Agence-France Presse that Hekla usually erupts with both lava and ash and "if the next eruption is of the same character (as the previous ones), it is unlikely that it will have any effects on flights in Europe.
After a volcano has moved about 190 kilometers away from where it was formed, and four or five more volcanoes have grown and died behind it, it erupts a second time, though more mildly than the first time.