erupt from

erupt from (someone or something)

To burst out of someone or something. I couldn't believe the anger that erupted from Mike when he thought he'd been wronged. How can so much vomit erupt from such a tiny baby? When do scientists predict lava will erupt from this volcano again?
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erupt from something

to burst out of something or some place. A billow of smoke erupted from the chimney. A mass of ashes and gasses erupted from the volcano.
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Immediately, "lava" will erupt from your volcano and ooze down the sides.
They mixed vinegar and bicarbonate of soda into the volcano mould and were amazed to see the contents erupt from the top of the volcano.
Coronal mass ejections erupt from the sun and travel at speeds as high as 2,000 km (1,240 mi) per second.
This was the largest number of high-intensity solar flares ever known to erupt from a single region, says NOAA solar forecaster Willow Cliffswallow.