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erupt from (someone or something)

To burst out of someone or something. I couldn't believe the anger that erupted from Mike when he thought he'd been wronged. How can so much vomit erupt from such a tiny baby? When do scientists predict lava will erupt from this volcano again?
See also: erupt

erupt into (something)

1. To burst into something, often a noise. The crowd erupted into cheers when the band finally took the stage.
2. To escalate abruptly into a new situation or problem. What he thinks is a moment of constructive criticism often erupts into an argument with his daughter. Please don't let this little squabble erupt into a major rift between you two.
See also: erupt

erupt from something

to burst out of something or some place. A billow of smoke erupted from the chimney. A mass of ashes and gasses erupted from the volcano.
See also: erupt

erupt into something

[for something] to become a serious problem suddenly. The argument erupted into a terrible fight. They were afraid the fight would erupt into a riot.
See also: erupt
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co/bali/news/balis-mt-agung-belches-steam-sulfur-fissure-vents-observed-crater/) Coconuts Bali reported Friday that a fissure vent was seen at the crater-a sign the volcano could erupt soon.
With the use of seismic waves, scientist can possibly detect when the magma beneath the Mount Hood is liquid, which in turn can help in identifying a possible erupt.
When a CME and its charged-particle entourage strike Earth's magnetosphere--usually 3 to 4 days after the CME erupts in the corona--the cloud can trigger potentially devastating electrical events.
htm) Volcano Discovered Bubbling Beneath West Antarctica Ice Will 'Definitely' Erupt
To watch volcanoes erupt online, visit this Web site: http://volcano.
htm) Mount Sinabung: Sumatra Volcano Erupts Again as Thousands Flee Homes [PHOTOS]
Planetary scientists do not yet know how soon after the appearance of an S pattern an active region will erupt.
There is the potential that Sinabung will erupt again, so we are asking locals to remain alert," Muhamed Hendrasto, head of volcanology at the Indonesian Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry told the Jakarta Post.
Long Valley did not erupt, but a question burned in Linde's mind.
Ash and smoke were spewed into the sky as the volcano began to erupt.
Scientists in Iceland warn that the country's most feared volcano could erupt at any time.
With a single hot spot beneath the ridge, distant volcanoes could not erupt at the same time.
The volcano started to erupt around midnight on Sunday, charts on the website of France-based VAAC indicated.
Suddenly, everyone's on alert to see which volcano will erupt next and how it might affect us.
If it were to erupt with the same power as Mount St.