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According to Erring, Chief Minister Khandu, his four co-passengers and crew
Otherwise, you'd have to pick that erring brother out in a crowd--even if he was perched in a tree--beg him to come down, and then invite yourself to have dinner at his house.
The church's capable PR men rightly worry that all the good Catholics they are so carefully shepherding could be led astray by their erring brothers and sisters and that all the non-Catholics will think this church can't even control its own members.
In fact, Chavan had earlier promised action against the erring police officers by Thursday itself.
As such, the erring drivers were able to pay their fines at the traffic department in any of the emirates.
Brig Ghanim said the move was meant to reduce the financial burden on erring drivers, and encourage them to pay pending fines and to be more cautious on the road.
Global Banking News-September 15, 2014--Indian central bank to take action against erring cooperative banks
If the government finds that the two channels are erring, then they can approach the relevant regulatory authority for relief," he said.
Only erring drivers caught on the emirate's roads shall be liable to the fine discount in commemoration of the National Day celebrations," he said.
As per a tougher unified traffic law with higher fines and a black points system enacted in 2008 all over the country, the erring motorists penalised with 24 black points would lose their driving licences.
I do not understand why our bishops cannot present the truth in its simple fullness rather than trying to gently persuade erring politicians to reconsider.
THE Centre on Wednesday acknowledged at the Delhi High Court that there have been instances of sexual harassment against women radio presenters working with FM Gold channel of All India Radio ( AIR) and corrective action has been taken against the erring people.