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erase (something) from (something)

To remove something from something else in a physical way, such as wiping or rubbing, or in a virtual or figurative way. I did sign up earlier, so someone must have erased my name from the board. Please erase that data from the hard drive. This is a highly confidential matter, so please erase anything you overheard from your mind.
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erase something from something

1. . Lit. to delete or wipe something from something. Please erase the writing from the blackboard. I will erase the incorrectly spelled word from my paper.
2. Fig. to remove something from something. Erase that smile from your face! I hope you will erase that thought from your mind.
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tv. to kill someone. Mr. Gutman decided who was gonna erase who.
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When a VHS video recorder is placed in the record mode over an existing recording, the full-track erase head starts erasing all of the information on the tape, including the video tracks.
We found that this erasing technique did reduce hysteresis when the size of the excursion was smaller than the size of the erasing motion.
The subject of erasing raises the interesting question of the dependence of the hysteresis on the time of the excursion.
In practice, this method was much less effective than the previously described erasing cycle.
The extra cost of erasing these digits exactly cancels any energy gain elsewhere in the system.
But it's also possible to consider the changes in entropy associated with acquiring or erasing the information someone needs and uses to make a measurement or to describe the state of a physical system.
The bank architecture allows dual operations: while programming or erasing in one bank, Read operations are possible in the other bank.
To meet the low voltages of today's logic circuits, the M58LW032A performs all operations, including programming and erasing, from a 2.
Thus, for example, the controller simplifies programming and erasing operations by automatically performing the special tasks required to update the memory contents.
The M58CR064 carries a multitude of features, including burst mode, dual bank, fast read and programming operations, and block-level erasing and locking; features that make the M58CR064 well suited for wireless handset and other portable applications.
Each of the seven embedded Flash memory blocks can be separately protected against programming and erasing to enhance system safety.
AMD's '691 patent is a pioneering patent covering circuits and methods for erasing Flash memory cells that enable Flash memory devices to operate from only one power supply.
Erasing a block typically takes about 1 second, and all blocks are protected against spurious programming and erasure during power up.
In addition, a program/erase controller automatically handles all the internal timing needed for programming and erasing the chip.
com), many employees believe erasing traces of personal Internet use at the office is as easy as pressing the delete key, and are unaware that employers have other means of recording and monitoring internal web activity.