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erase (something) from (something)

1. To wipe or rub something off of something else. I did sign up earlier, so someone must have erased my name from the board. Please erase today's lesson from the board, Jack.
2. To remove something from something else. This usage is usually not literal. This is a highly confidential matter, so please erase anything you overheard from your mind.
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erase something from something

1. . Lit. to delete or wipe something from something. Please erase the writing from the blackboard. I will erase the incorrectly spelled word from my paper.
2. Fig. to remove something from something. Erase that smile from your face! I hope you will erase that thought from your mind.
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tv. to kill someone. Mr. Gutman decided who was gonna erase who.
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To test the effectiveness of erasing in different conditions we used a very simple erasing procedure on the stand-alone system.
The prototype ink developed by Shigeru Machida and his colleagues contains three components: a dye, a developer, and an erasing agent.
In between, the Kingsmen performed a little magic, surviving a disastrous second quarter and erasing a 22-point halftime deficit to knock off the Toreros 39-32 at Mt.
To make it work, Caves requires the demon to gather information economically so that, in the end, less information will need erasing.
Erasing a file sounds like a heavy object dropping into a trash can.
DSD certification of compliance with Australian Department of Defense guidelines for erasing computer disks means that FDRERASE is now also approved for use by Australian and New Zealand Government departments and agencies," explains Thomas J.
Let's let kids come up with solutions to stigma, bullying, and how to ask for help-because they are the ones walking the halls of their schools each day, erasing the stigma before it ever begins.
Some of the important concepts taught in this patent include: use of selective encryption to copy protect content; uniquely binding a key pair to a player; employment of user identity to gain access to the key chain; private key associated with a public key, the private key being constrained to the player apparatus; player that possesses tamper detection and response agents; and tamper response mechanisms such as erasing the content, locking the apparatus from an operation, erasing the private key, erasing the content key and reporting the unauthorized action.
FDRERASE today, is the only CC qualified solution available for securely erasing z/OS disks (DASD).
In forensic examinations and new systems deployment scenarios, for example, a large percentage of our customers must first remove an internally mounted drive from their computer before making a sector-by-sector copy, testing or erasing a drive.
StealthSurf(TM) Pro protects identity and ensures total privacy while surfing the Web by hiding IP addresses, erasing files that track browsing habits, filtering cookies, tracking bugs, log-in passwords, keystrokes and more.
The security erase feature, which enables all data to be erased from the flash disk in seconds, can also be used selectively, erasing only part of the disk.
The bank architecture allows dual operations: while programming or erasing in one bank, Read operations are possible in the other bank.
To meet the low voltages of today's logic circuits, the M58LW032A performs all operations, including programming and erasing, from a 2.