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equip (something) with (something)

To add or attach something to something. After the hurricane, I made sure to equip my boat with new, fully-intact sails.
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someone or something (with something ) (for something ) to outfit someone or something with something for something; to provide equipment for someone or something for some purpose. We equipped everyone with a spade for digging. They equipped the rescuers with equipment for any conceivable occurrence.

equip something with something

to add a piece of equipment to something. We will equip our truck with a plow blade and plow snow this winter. This car is equipped with air-conditioning.
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References in classic literature ?
Sore was his heart when he saw rare bowmen and war-hardened spearmen turned away from his gates, for the lack of the money which might equip and pay them.
Photo: (1) Officers Abilio Lopez, left, and Arthur Lesmez work on a mock patient in a drill in San Fernando, which equips its police officers with defibrillators.
Cobaruvviaz will work for DynCorp International, which recruits, trains, equips and supports the 500-member U.
It not only provides our exhibitor partners with premium entertainment experiences that can't be duplicated at home, but it also equips theaters with the latest digital entertainment capabilities and expands their opportunities to deliver new and unique programming.
Specifically, AIC upgraded the site's cross-comparison tool with a "Total Equipped Price" (TEP) feature that automatically equips competitive vehicles to match the standard level of the Honda vehicle being considered by shoppers during vehicle comparisons.
This equips them with the level of computing horsepower needed to support very large user populations executing hundreds of millions of transactions against large enterprise databases.