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equip (something) with (something)

To add or attach something to something. After the hurricane, I made sure to equip my boat with new, fully-intact sails.
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someone or something (with something ) (for something ) to outfit someone or something with something for something; to provide equipment for someone or something for some purpose. We equipped everyone with a spade for digging. They equipped the rescuers with equipment for any conceivable occurrence.

equip something with something

to add a piece of equipment to something. We will equip our truck with a plow blade and plow snow this winter. This car is equipped with air-conditioning.
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To safeguard the security zone of the naval units when fulfilling missions in vast areas, all the Navy destroyers and vessels that have a flight deck should be equipped with choppers," he told FNA at the time.
The park is a five-minute drive southwest of the Thunder Bay airport and is equipped with a first-class 500-person banquette hall called McGillivray's Landing located inside the tourist centre.
In addition to being able to support 3D software applications, the Actius AL3D comes equipped with an advanced optical drive, making the notebook capable of viewing 3D DVD content.
SSLs equipped with an industrial fork or bucket grapple typically remove debris from the immediate demolition area, particularly from tight places.
The room is equipped with lounge seating, ottomans, and occasional tables.
For $1,575 over the base price, you get a fully equipped club racer, ready to compete.
Rollers in the collapsing frame are equipped with their own drives to minimize friction.
Select Artists To Be Equipped with ShoZu-Enabled Phones
Supply and delivery of spare parts and accessories, original manufacturer for repair and equipping of emergency vehicles marine brigade battalion Marseille equipped by Magirus-Camiva companies Technamm, Sides, Sanicar, Rosenbauer and Riffaud, in six lots Lot 1: parts and accessories for emergency vehicles equipped with the Magirus-Camiva society;Lot 2: Parts and accessories for emergency vehicles equipped with the Technamm society;Lot 3: parts and accessories for emergency vehicles equipped Sides by the company;Lot 4: parts and accessories for emergency vehicles equipped with the Sanicar society;Lot 5: parts and accessories for emergency vehicles equipped with the Rosenbauer company;Lot 6: parts and accessories for emergency vehicles equipped with the Riffaud society.
Honda is planning to introduce an all-new commuter model in ASEAN markets starting from Thailand beginning of 2006, which will be equipped with a compact water-cooled engine designed especially for Asian markets and an automatic transmission.
truck operators equipped with CTI are offered extra weeks of work during spring break-up and are given favourable trucking rates.
Geared toward the consumer and home/small office user, the new Actius MC24 is a fully equipped notebook computer, complete with 60GB of hard drive space, which retails for a budget conscious selling price of $999.
based Atlas Copco, says the use of these carriers, equipped with either hydraulic hammers, grapples, shears or pulverizers, has increased greatly during the last eight years.
Smart classrooms are equipped with multimedia equipment, such as projection screens, audio equipment and DVD players, to assist instructors.
0 liter shot-size machine is said to be equipped with many advancements in rubber processing and systems automation, including a loader, a shuttle system, sprue-picking device, a deflasher, a conveyor, custom molds and more.