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equip (something) with (something)

To add or attach something to something. After the hurricane, I made sure to equip my boat with new, fully-intact sails.
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someone or something (with something ) (for something ) to outfit someone or something with something for something; to provide equipment for someone or something for some purpose. We equipped everyone with a spade for digging. They equipped the rescuers with equipment for any conceivable occurrence.

equip something with something

to add a piece of equipment to something. We will equip our truck with a plow blade and plow snow this winter. This car is equipped with air-conditioning.
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It is true that TAS can show a transponder-only equipped target directly, whereas an ADS-B In equipped aircraft without TAS must see it with TIS-B, which only works in radar and GBT coverage.
Pre-equipping design guidelines Design Guideline Objectiqualificatione System fastening interface to only one Pre-equip the system to a single major structural component components System layout to allow access to other Pre-equip the system independently of other systems in its qualificationicinity systems installation state Wing box jig to accommodate pre- Locate the equipped components within equipped components tolerance to complete the wing box in a jig Clearance, protection and Operator access is required to spar and skin interfaces separation of secondary structure work from system components
Jamaran is also equipped with different kinds of weapons, including a powerful and smart missile named 'Nour' (light).
Land agency Smiths Gore, which produced the figures, said that by the end of last year bare land values averaged pounds 5,400 per acre, while equipped land was around pounds 8,300 an acre.
Fuel efficiency for Vitz's mainstay model equipped with a 1.3-liter engine but not equipped with the idling-stop system was also improved by 4 km to 24 km per liter.
"None of those involved were properly equipped for the conditions, and have tragically paid the penalty.
Radios equipped with a five-pin audio connector can use either the H-250 or the H-350.
KLM's 45-strong 737 fleet already has been fitted with new interiors and its 18 737-800s/-900s have been equipped with the lighter Recaro 3510 seat.
Coordination for reserve Soldiers is a never-ending cycle of call-ups and deployments of which service men and women must be equipped and trained when it comes to the latest in transportation processes and programs.
The vehicles carry crews of three, and are equipped with a 105 mm main gun and a state-of-the-art fire control system.
Seven of the 10 fully serviced rental cottages located on the shores are equipped with outdoor hot tubs.
* Equipped with a horizontal guillotine shear that produces more than 700 tons of force and is capable of making 4 cuts per minute
The district now has four buses equipped with three digital cameras each.
The Army's Future Combat Systems (FCS) manned ground vehicles will be equipped with hard rubber band tracks instead of metal tracks.